UAE firm helps diabetics find balance during Ramadan

Abu Dhabi, June 25 (IANS/WAM): The National Health Insurance Company-Daman held an event to help diabetic patients focus on how to manage their health during the holy month of Ramadan. The Find the Balance Between Ramadan and Diabetes event was attended by 300 diabetic patients and their families.

The event featured an interactive seminar and workshop to support and educate patients with Type 2 diabetes on safe fasting during Ramadan. It focused on how to manage diabetes and the importance of maintaining healthy habits while fasting. Through group activities and question-answer sessions, the audience was provided with health tips and wholesome recipes that can be used throughout the year, not only during Ramadan. Nutritionist also discussed challenges patients face during Ramadan and gave advice on what to eat, portion sizes and preferred times of eating.

What is diabetes?

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Diabetes is a metabolic disease which is characterised by high blood sugar levels. It can be caused either due to the lack of insulin (type 1 diabetes) or because the body s cells fail to respond to the insulin produced (type 2 diabetes). Some of the common symptoms of diabetes are hunger, frequent urination and increased thirst. While type 1 diabetes is usually genetic, type 2 diabetes is caused more by lifestyle factors. It is one of the common lifestyle diseases which is plaguing people in the developed countries and often has a causal link to heart diseases, hypertension and obesity.

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