Treatment benefits increase if cancer is diagnosed early

The day-long workshop emphasised on usage of endoscopic techniques for cancer treatment which are considered to entail a lower risk than other prevailing procedures. In a bid to improve cancer treatment in hospitals across India, over 50 leading surgeons attended a live surgical workshop at a hospital here on Sunday. The event was held at the city-based Aarvy hospital and was followed by a lecture on advanced gynae-surgeries using endoscopic techniques by Dipak Limbachiya, one of the leading gynae-endoscopy surgeons in the country.

Limbachiya has been closely associated with the onco-gynaecology and obstetrics at the Gujarat Cancer and Research Institute as well. Vikram Yadav, a senior oncologist with Aarvy hospital, said that though surgery was the best way to treat cancer, the benefits increase if the disease is diagnosed early. 'Any growth on the surface of the body or inside can be cancerous and should not be ignored at all,' said Yadav.

'These days advanced diagnostic equipments like CT scan, mammography, MRI are available which are of great help in early diagnosis of cancer even though the gold standard is still a biopsy of the region,' he added. The health experts also stressed on the organising of similar workshops as they were intended to make cancer surgery available at more places by training new surgeons in advanced and complicated surgeries.

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