Top 51 healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks

It's always a challenge to keep a check on our cravings and doing the balancing act with our daily meals and choices of food. Often, it's a struggle to control hunger pangs and satisfy our taste buds at the same time. However, some ingredients are beneficial as well as fulfilling to the stomach and you could surely enjoy your meals without any guilt. You can also read about 14 healthy Indian dishes that the world should take notice of.

Here is a list of dishes you could try as soups, main course meals, salads, snacks and desserts:


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1. Moong dal idli

If idlis are synonymous with your regular breakfast meals, then here's a healthy twist to your preferred south Indian delicacy. Moong dal or green gram does the trick of keeping you full for long hours. It's also an effective way to shed some weight. Hence, moong dal idli makes for a satisfying breakfast. Know how to make this easy recipe here.

2. Oats utappa

If you love having oats, then here is one more addition to the list - oats uttappa. Regular intake of oats reduces bad cholesterol, prevents constipation, manages blood sugar levels well and keeps a check on high blood pressure. This combination is thus an ideal option for the first meal of the day. Know how to make the oats uttappa here.

3. Barley (jau) paratha

In most north Indian households, a paratha a day is a must! For a guilt-free version of the paratha and a change to the usual recipe, you could give the barley or 'jau' paratha a try. Apart from boasting of beauty benefits like improving skin tone, restoring ageing skin as well as fighting hair loss and regaining hair colour; barley works on reducing cholesterol levels and eliminates unwanted fat from the body. Barley in the form of paratha is a great start to the day. Here is the recipe ofbarley paratha.

4. Oats upma

Oats and upma are a fine combination for a quick breakfast. Upma is usually made with semolina (sooji or rava) howeverthis recipe requires you to replace it with one cup of oats to be cooked in extra virgin oil with some channa dal. Oats help prevent cardiovascular disease and reduces high cholesterol.Know the recipe here.

5. Nachni Pancakes

Are you fond of pancakes? What do you think of an Indian style twist to the yummy pancakes? Nachni or red millet also called as ragi, is often used in rotis as a healthy alternative. This grain is responsible to protect the heart and reduce chances of heart attacks, lower blood pressure levels. This is due to the presence of magnesium in it which also reduces frequent migraines. Apart from using nachni in rotis, it can be served as a refreshing option with pancakes too. Here is how to make nachni pancakes.

6. Mixed sprouts poha

The batata or potato poha is quite a regular in Indian households during breakfast. Sprouts are a nutritious way to replace the potatoes and have your share of protein, Vitamin K, C and minerals and fibre. Sprouts help detoxify our system, regulate digestion and cleanse out all the impurities from our body. You can use some sprouts as a sandwich filling or with a salad, or have a bowl of mixed sprouts poha which could also be a healthy alternative.

7. Apple-carrot sandwich

A sandwich is a quick meal that can be made at any time of the day. It's also one that can be easily experimented with, depending on what you have lying in your kitchen and fridge. Apple and carrot are fruits and vegetables that are commonly found in most kitchens. So just grab one of each and slice them into your sandwich. Here is how to make the apple and carrot sandwich.

8. Soya dosa

Making use of an ingredient which is a a rich source of a host of nutrients required by your body with your favourite breakfast meal option -- dosa, is delightful. Soya serves as a protein dose for our body and provides our body with unsaturated fats, making it healthy for the heart. Mixing it with some dosa batter and urad dal makes it a wholesome treat. Know how to make soya dosa here.

9. Masala egg white scramble

Omelette and scrambled eggs are also one of the standard and easy options for breakfast. If you are looking for something to keep you full throughout the morning then some rice with scrambled eggs might do the job for you. This meal is a carbohydrate-protein duo. Here is how you can make the masala egg white scramble.

10. Cabbage pancakes

A spicy and 'veggie' version of pancakes could be one with the nutrient-rich cabbage. If you want to do away with the usual sugared pancakes, saute or steam some cabbage and mix them up with the batter used. Cabbage adds the needed share of Vitamin C which results in healthy teeth, bones, skin and blood vessels. It also comes with dietary fibre which guards against high cholesterol and diabetes. Cabbage pancakes are a delicious way to reap in such benefits. Know how to make some cabbage pancakes here.


1. Tomato and cinnamon soup

It's always refreshing and healthy to have a hot bowl of soup before a meal. At times, a bowl of nutrients in such a way could fill you up as complete meal on its own too. Ingredients like tomato and cinnamon are not just healthy for the heart but are ideal to pump in some nutrition into your body and are delicious at the same time. Here is how you can have this healthy potion in minutes. Recipe here.

2. Italian bean soup

If your idea of a soup is one packed with some veggies and pasta, then the Italian bean soup is for you. This wholesome soup comes with kidney beans, boiled pasta, celery, garlic, paprika and olive oil, to name a few. It is fibre and protein rich and works great as a healthy meal. Know how to make this easy soup here.

3. Pumpkin and apple soup

Ditch your usual cream or vegetable soup and try out a unique and mouth-watering combination of ingredients like pumpkin and apple. Pumpkin boasts of antioxidants, Vitamin A and fibre along with apple which is simply great for glowing skin. You could also put together these two ingredients for a low-calorie soup. Recipe here.

4. Chicken and oats soup

If you can't do without meat for any of your meals then chicken with some oats is nothing less than a balanced diet, served in a soup. As we know, oats is always a great addition to any meal or dish. Oats help curb constipation, and regulate bowel movements. It is a heart-healthy ingredient as it reduces bad cholesterol and prevents cardiovascular diseases. For a usual day, it's also the perfect way to restore your energy after a tiresome day or a heavy workout. Get the recipe for the chicken and oats soup, here.

5. Tomato, carrot and coconut soup

Soups are an easy way to experiment with flavours. For a tropical touch, add coconut with some tangy tomato, carrot and a garnishing with garlic. It also comes with high nutritional value and can help you do away with your hunger pangs easily. Know how to make this soup with interesting flavours, here

6. Minted green peas soup with corn pearls

You maybe used to having peas with pulao and other sabzis but peas can be a used in a soup too. These are soft to chew and absolutely yummy. Mint too is a soothing to the stomach and has always been the preferred remedy for any stomach infection and indigestion. Know how to make this recipe here.

7.Moong dal soup

There is nothing better than a hot bowl of ghar ki dal, especially if you've not been keeping too well. It's relishing and ensures to keep your stomach happy. If you want to do away with a high-carbohydrate meal for dinner, then the moong dal soup is enough to keep you full and healthy. Moong dal manages blood pressure better and lowers high cholesterol. It is needed for those suffering from iron deficiency. Here is how you can gain good health from this recipe of moong daal soup here.

Appetizers and side dishes

1. Spinach raita

A bowl of raita is always refreshing and soothing to digest after or with the main course. This curd-based dish can be flavoured with a variety of ingredients and spices. Adding some spinach to this soup will provide you with the needed flavonoids and antioxidants that come with it. This spinach raita is rather unique with other ingredients like slimmed milk, walnuts, dates and sesame seeds to name a few. Know how to make this spinach raita, here.

2. Pumpkin raita

Another way of having raita would be with some boiled pumpkin or kaddu. The mashed pumpkin in the raita is nourishing and delicious to taste. Pumpkin comes in with extremely beneficial nutrients like Vitamin A, E, C, and iron which guard the immune system and strenghten it. The presence of vitamin A is also needed for better vision. It's recommended for thos on a weight loss diet as it contains only 26 calories per 100 g and contains fibres which leave the stomach fuller. This dish has a combination of spices like jeera and cumin which blend in well together. Here is the recipe to the pumpkin raita.

3. Tandoori Tofu

For vegans who don't eat dairy and meet, here is a substitute you would enjoy - tofu. Tofu helps retain younger looking skin by improving skin elasticity and halts the ageing process. It posses required amounts of protein and other nutrients meant for healthy hair growth. It provides calcium, women may essentially would need during menopause. Know how to make the tandoori tofu here.

4. Curried chickpea pita pockets

We are usually tempted to munch on tikkas, kebabs or even masala papad for appetizers. Give these a ditch and try a nutritious way to enjoy your appetizer with the curried chickpea pita pockets. Chickpeas or channa is a key source of dietary protein for vegetarians and helps manage and control the appetite better. Click here for its recipe.

5. Stuffed grilled jalape o

It's time to spice up your meals with some jalape o. If you are game for a hot, spicy twist to your appetizers, then the stuffed and grilled jalapeno is a must-have. Jalapenos are definitely spicy but they come with a list of health benefits. The fight away headaches, inflammation and ensure increase in metabolism rate. Read here to know all about this recipe.


1. Vegetable sev puri without the puris

Chaatis a favourite of most of us! Munching on those crisp puris with bhel or sev puri is always welcomed. Even if you are calorie conscious, you shall no longer have to resist yourself from gorging onto some sev puri. This 'healthy twist' requires no fried puris. Know how to make this healthy sev puri version here.

2. Healthy vada pav

Most of us enjoy vada pav thoroughly but are often reminded about how it doesn't do too well in the health and fitness parameters. The healthy version uses pita bread and not the pav and does away with deep frying the vada. Know how to make the healthy vada pav here.

3. Healthy dhokla

The Gujrati snack, dhokla is quite irresistible and makes for an ideal snack at tea parties or as a quick, early evening bite. For healthier options, there are some ways we can do away with the usual ways of cooking the dhokla. Use some rava atta and make these delicious dhoklas as you would otherwise, only reducing the oil content. Here is how to make some healthy dhoklas.

4. Chapati masala noodles

Are you often chucking off left over rotis or chapatis at the end of the day? Save them instead for a snacking meal or a quick bite. Some masala chappatis with onions, coriander, lemon, garlic, low-fat butter is a healthy alternative to the usual junk snacks. Know how to make the easy chapati masala noodles, here.


1. Grilled chicken honey-orange salad

If you are someone who likes to experiment with flavours in salads, then this one is just right for you. The warm honey taste with some tangy orange and chicken is an uncommon blend for a salad. This salad could make for your post workout meal as it contains honey which is a natural energy booster. It's also good for your immune system as it contains phytonutrients. The other main ingredient, orange comes with vitamin C which is not only great for your immune system but give you glowing skin. Know how to make the grilled chicken honey-orange salad, here.

2. Grilled vegetables with walnut sauce

Instead of stir frying vegetables, grilling them for a salad is a better way of going about it. The texture of the vegetables turns out crunchy. Using walnut sauce with these grilled vegetables cuts across boring flavours right away. While grilling vegetables keeps the fat at bay, using walnut is an added benefit for someone on a weight loss diet. This is so because it helps in weight management and contains omega 3 fats, proteins and fibre. Here is the recipe to the grilled vegetables with walnut sauce.

3. Spicy fruit salad

How does the idea of fruits with spices sound to you? It's an interesting mix with spices and fresh fruits. It's definitely a refreshing and better way to enjoy usual fruit salads. Cut some fresh fruits like pear, apple, pineapple and chop in ginger with tamarind. Here is the recipe of spicy fruit salad.

4. Cucumber mango salad

If you are a mango lover and are constantly finding different ways to incorporate it in your meals then don't give this salad a miss. A cool combination of cucumber and juicy mangoes, this salad could be tangy and sweet at the same time. Some slices of cucumber can help keep you hydrated, resolve constipation, improve digestion and keep heart diseases at bay as they contain no amount of cholesterol. Know how to make the cucumber and mango salad here.

5. Grilled chicken salad

You maybe keeping a check on your weight but that doesn't mean you have to stick to bland tasting salads. Skip the mayonnaise and use some grilled chicken with some sprinkled coriander and lemon. This salad is an ideal way to have healthy portions of meat and other ingredients without compromising on the taste. Know how to make the grilled chicken salad here.

Main course

1. Spicy falafel recipe

It's always good to experiment with cuisines and flavours for your meals. The Lebanese falafel wrap comes with chickpeas along with yummy garnishing of garlic, cumin, pepper and parsley. Here is the perfect recipe to the falafel wrap.

2. Barley (jau) roti

Rotis are mostly eaten for either meals daily. Most of us are used to wheat rotis. However, switching to barley or jau may seem like a heavier option at least initially, but it is packed with nutrition. Barley contains copper and zinc which contain hair growth stimulation properties, these nutrients are also beneficial to improve conditions for those suffering from anemia. You could have this once a week as jau is clearly a healthy addition to your meals. Know how to make barley or jau rotis here.

3. Smoked chicken biryani

The biryani is a favourite dish of many! The spices and flavours used are a delightful treat. However, now this dish could also scale up in its nutritional value just with a little difference in the way it is cooked. The smoked chicken biryani doesn't take away the taste or flavours but in fact adds an interesting texture to it. Here is the recipe.

4. Rice with mixed veggies

If you want to do away with the hassle of cooking roti or rice with a sabzi or daal separately then the all-in-one rice with mixed veggies should be your pick.It contains vegetables like beetroot which is needed to increase blood flow, reduce blood pressure and build up on better stamina. There are carrots which posses minerals and vitamins while rice fills in for the needed share of carbs. Apart from these, some peas can also be put in as they are a great source of protein. Hence, this dish is a perfect mix and doesn't take too long for preparation. Know how to make the rice with mixed vegetables, here.

5. Methi leaves sambhar

Sambhar is that south Indian 'go-to recipe' be it for meals with idlis, dosa and rice or just by itself as a soup. It serves the body with all relieving benefits like curbing constipation, improving digestion and eliminates harmful toxins. Adding some methi leaves is also an 'iron addition' to the dish. Know how to make the methi leaves sambhar here.

6. Lauki or bottle gourd moong dal

If you are consuming moog dal for over 6 days of the week, you are bound to get bored. Adding some lauki to the moong dal ditches the regular taste and is a 'healthy innovation' to the routine dish. Lauki is a soothing choice for better digestion and helps one heal from urinary infections as it is alkalising. It is packed with nutrients like vitamins, calcium, magnesium, minerals, etc. Know how to make the lauki moong daal, here.

7. Chicken with veggies and quinoa

If you've been wanting to ditch rice for a while and haven't found an alternative as fulfilling then quinoa could be looked at as a healthier option. You could use this grain crop in the boiled form with vegetables and chicken.This choice of ingredients simply make it beneficial for diabetics and is protein-rich and contains low fat. Know how to make chicken with veggies and quinoa here.

8. Grilled chicken risotto

The chicken and rice meal is fuss-free and convenient to prepare. For this Italian version, you could replace white rice with some brown rice, and use soy sauce, to begin with. Having this dish with brown rice clearly makes it a healthier choice as it is easier to digest and regulates bowel movements too. Hence making it favourable for weight loss. The fibre present in brown rice also helps prevent colon cancer. Know the recipe for grilled chicken risotto, here.

9. Honey smeared chicken

A juicy texture and a low-carb combination with honey and chicken is a must try. Some raw vegetables and garnishing with coriander, lemon, chilli, garlic and honey is a mouthwatering blend of flavours. This dish as a whole is low-fat and and high in the protein content. Know how to make the honey smeared chicken here.

10. Stir fried tofu with vegetables

Tofu is protein-rich and is a great option for vegans. You can put in all your preferred choices of vegetables with some tofu as a stir-fried dish. Tofu comes with great health and beauty benefits. Some of them being - it helps retain the skin's elasticity and slows down the ageing process. It posses required amounts of protein meant for healthy hair growth. Know how to make the stir fried tofu with vegetables dish here.

11. Spicy sesame noodles

It's often that you resort to a bowl of noodles for a quick meal to avoid too much of cooking. However, packaged foods may not come with as many health benefits as would a meal with freshly cooked vegetables. This sesame version of noodles is a quick and nutritious dish too. Sesame seeds contain proteins and magnesium. The presence of magnesium is responsible for reducing the chances of diabetes as well as works on lowering high blood pressure. Sesame is a great and healthy addition to hot bowl of noodles, know how to make the spicy sesame noodles here.

12. Vegetarian chilly with mixed beans

Are you just bored of the regular sabzis made at home every day? Some mixed beans, onions, tomatoes, cumin, garlic, zucchini all mixed for one wholesome dish is not only ideal for a meal but benefits your skin as well. Know how to make the vegetarian chilly with mixed beans here.

13. Soya methi theplas

The Gujrati dish -- methi theplas can be further cooked with some healthy ingredients in it. Soya comes with a bunch of benefits for the body as it is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals and contains insoluble fibre. The presence of proteins proves beneficial for hair growth and healthy hair. It also helps keep the skin well-nourished and controls the ageing process well. The presence of calcium is also very essential for women undergoing their menopause. These theplas could be eaten for any meal during the day. Here is how to make the easy soya methi theplas.

14. Coconut and paneer puran poli

Puran poli is usually a heavy and sweet Maharashtrian delicacy. To make it healthy, you could incorporate some coconut and paneer filling for this. Paneer is a healthy source of calcium and protiens required for development of bones and healthy teeth. It is also beneficial for digestion due to the dietary fibres it contains.Apart from paneer this puranpoli contains coconut. Like paneer,coconut too contains high levels of dietary fibres which help improve digestion. It also improves the metabolism rate considerably, hence aiding in weight loss. Further, this dish includes an interesting mix with ingredients like nuts (almonds, pistachios), cardamom, sesame seeds and some coconut and paneer. Know how to make the coconut and paneer pural poli, here.

15. High-fibre pasta

Like noodles, pasta is often put under the junk food category. To replace such a tag, you could enjoy the pasta dish with some whole wheat pasta instead and keep a check on the salt content as well. Whole wheat pasta comes with high levels of carbohydrates which are an instant energy-booster. It contains insoluble fibre which helps prevent constipation and improves digestion. If pasta is your favourite dish, here is how you can prepare it in a healthy way.


1.Baked rasgulla

Gorging on some rasgullas happens on several Indian occasions. To get a better hold on the calorie content of this dessert, you could use low-fat paneer and milk and some sugar substitute. Baking the rasgullas would simply save you from consuming the unhealthy oil. Here is how you can make some delicious, baked rasgullas.

2. Bulgur wheat kheer

Kheer is synonymous with lots of sugar and fat. You could ditch the guilt by simply using bulgur wheat and using low-fat milk instead. Bulgur wheat comes with carbohydrates and fibre. This fibre helps in regulating the digestive system and keeps constipation at bay. You can get your share of iron from bulgur wheat. Iron is especially needed for women as they lose a lot of blood during menstruation. Now, you can enjoy some bulgur wheat with kheer too, know how to make the bulgur wheat kheer, here.

3. Vegan fruit dessert

A dessert with layers and layers of goodness is always enjoyed. Layer some fruits like papaya, banana, apricot, with a crunchy layer of oats and almonds for this fruit dessert. Know how to make the vegan fruit dessert, here.

4. Carrot halwa

The gajar ka halwa has been a classic, traditional Indian dessert we all enjoy no matter what time of the day or occasion it may be.To be a little more health conscious with this halwa, a few additions like some beetroot would control the sugar content, hence making it less fattening. Apart from carrot, beetroot simply helps better the nutritional value of this sweet dish. Beetroot reduces high blood pressure and is a heart-healthy vegetable. It also keeps diabetes in-check and reduces bad cholesterol. Here is how to make carrot halwa.

5. Fruit sandesh

It's often difficult to have a bit of both - healthy ingredients with delightful desserts. To change this, the fruit sandesh, (Bengali delicacy) with low-fat milk and paneer can be used with a portion of vitamin C filled fruits like oranges and strawberries, making it a healthy choice. Know how to make the fruit sandesh here.

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