This woman changed one thing in her diet and lost 50 kilos!

Can you make this simple change?

How often do you reach for a can of Coca-Cola in a day? If you are on a weight loss diet then it is possible that you might be doing more damage to your body and your weight loss goal than you imagined.

A recent revelation by a British woman, Sarah Turner, who reportedly used to consume 4 litres of Coca-Cola a day, lost 50 kilograms by simply quitting this one habit. Read: How many calories do soft drinks or colas have?

In a report, first published by the NewYork Post, the 27-year-old mother said that she used to drink about 4 litres of the drink a day, without any thought of the effect it was having on her body. She added that she was most definitely addicted to Coca-Cola and it took her quite some effort to quit the habit.

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Sarah used to weigh 245 pounds (111 kilograms), and is now down to 126 pounds (57 kilograms). She has now lost about 50 kilos, and has gone down by almost eight dress sizes. Read: Are soft drinks as bad as cigarettes for your health?

The mother says that, earlier she would constantly be tired, and never had the energy to do anything. In contrast, Sarah says that now she can take her children out and run around with them. She says she now has lots of energy, and loves to go walking to places close by -- something she couldn't do before. To add to all the benefits of quitting her Coca-Cola binge, Sarah says she actually loves going clothes shopping now, because she can fit into normal-sized outfits. Read: 8 things you didn't know about soft drinks.

While, Sarah showed the world that quitting Coca-Cola was the best thing she did for her diet. The Coca-Cola Great Britain spokes person told Caters News, all of our drinks can be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet and lifestyle noting the options of Diet Coke and Coca-Cola Zero.

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