This why PM Narendra Modi’s firm handshake left an imprint on Prince William’s hand!

Was it the firm handshake or just a Photoshop picture. Read to know the reason behind that hand imprint.

The social media has gone wild sharing the picture of PM Narendra Modi and Prince William's firm handshake where our PM left an imprint on the palm of The Duke of Cambridge as the Duchess remained a silent spectator. People started sharing all their views on this and commenting how strong and firm our PM can be, literally. Many newspapers also said that Prince William had to spend an entire day with the imprint and it could have been really painful. Others commented that it's a fake picture doing the rounds. First, to clear the air, let us tell you this might not be a fake picture at all and yes it is possible to give a hand imprint on someone after a firm handshake.

In fact, Dr Nivedita Dadu, Dermatologist from Skinology Skin and Hair Clinic explains what could have led to that imprint on Prince William's hand. 'People who are very fair, like the British, have an excellent peripheral blood supply and this gives a red tone to their skin. A firm grip or handshake (or any kind of pressure) can displace blood from the area and make that area go white. In fact, the adjoining areas also become red due to the displaced blood, which the picture also depicts,' she says. This is absolutely normal and the blood supply restores on its own after a while.

Had it not been our PM, who is known for his firm handshakes but any other person who would have put a little pressure on Prince William's hands his palms would have to face the same fate. Well the argument that it could have led to discomfort and pain, we aren't sure of this part as this is a harmless condition and moreover we don't know about Prince William's pain threshold.

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