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This is how you can stop grinding your teeth in sleep

Massage your face to tackle teeth grinding in sleep. ©Shutterstock

Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism can occur if you are stressed or anxious. So, just try these natural remedies to deal with it.

Written by Aishwarya Vaidya |Published : November 17, 2018 6:36 PM IST

If you grind your teeth in your sleep you will wake up to a headache or aching jaw. One may tend to mostly do while sleeping but sometimes people may also do it while they are awake. You may grind your teeth if you tend to smoke and drink a lot as this can cause teeth grinding, certain medications and many other factors may also lead to it. You may experience symptoms like headaches, facial muscle pain, aching jaw and so on. If you wish to deal with it then just go for these fool-proof remedies.

  • You can opt for chamomile oil: The mighty chamomile oil is antiseptic, and antidepressant in nature and can help you to destroy your stress and calm you down. This will also help you to deal with teeth grinding.
  • You can opt for lavender oil: Lavender oil is loaded with bioactive compounds which can help you to relax. It can help you to eliminate your stress and anxiety and can soothe muscles around your jaw. Hence, you will be able to bid adieu to your teeth grinding problem.
  • You can opt for warm compress: This is a magical remedy which will help you to say goodbye to your teeth grinding problem. If you opt for warm compress for your aching jaw then you will be able to relax your muscles and this will also stop you from clenching your jaw. So, just dip a clean cloth in hot water and place it on near your jaw. You will love this effective remedy for sure!
  • You can opt for turmeric milk: The amazing turmeric is jam-packed with anti-inflammatory and able to relieve your aching jaw muscles as milk has tryptophan. Ta da, you will not grind your teeth.
  • You can exercise: If you exercise or do yoga daily then it can help you to strengthen your immunity and enhance your well-being. It can help you to tackle stress and anxiety and stay happy and fit. So, you will be able to get rid of teeth grinding.
  • You can opt for a massage: After that long and hectic day, if you massage your face then you will be able to sleep better and overcome your problem of teeth grinding. Before hitting the sack, see to it that you massage your face gently and then you will surely notice the difference. Try it today.

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