Handicap because I am pregnant! Watch this video to know what pregnant working women face everyday

Does being pregnant mean you are less productive at work?

Conceiving and carrying a baby in no way makes a women less competent, a fact that definitely needed to be addressed and discussed. This advertisement for the brand Anouk, featuring Radhika Apte, delivers this message very beautifully. It is a fact that six in 10 pregnant women face discrimination at work.

With a number of videos doing the rounds on social media showing heavily pregnant women doing activities like dancing, gymnastics and a few physical feats most non-pregnant women and men can not even think of trying, it is high time women -- trying to conceive and pregnant -- take inspiration and go on to achieve things they set out for. Carrying a baby does not make one physically sick or mentally incompetent. The baby grows to be a part of the mother's body, and honestly, if you asked a pregnant woman, the baby (fetus) doesn't really bother her like an extra thing she is carrying. Of course, a few women do experience a few physical symptoms and lethargy, but not to an extent that hinders a working women's productivity. Here's how to stay fit during pregnancy.

The society has drilled into our mindsets that a pregnant woman is akin to a sick person -- she needs to rest, limit her movements and should mostly be bedridden. All of this, as you must have guessed, is not true, unless of course a gynaecologist suggests so in the light of medical issues. It's time we rise above such a mindset and establish that a pregnant woman is the woman she was before conceiving -- focused, skilled and hard working. Here are eight common mistakes most pregnant women make.

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