The way you walk can say a lot about how you are feeling

How you walk can reveal a lot about what kind of meed you are in. So much so, that scientists have found that a person walk can disclose if they are happy or sad. The study found that people who were prompted to walk in a more depressed style - with less arm movement and their shoulders rolled forward - experienced worse moods than those who were induced to walk in a happier style.

'It is not surprising that our mood, the way we feel, affects how we walk but we want to see whether the way we move also affects how we feel,' said Nikolaus Troje from Queen's University in Ontario, Canada. For the study, the researchers showed participants a list of positive and negative words such as 'pretty,' 'afraid' and 'anxious' and then asked them to walk on a treadmill while they measured their gait and posture. (Read: How yoga can help you beat bad mood)

A screen showed the subjects a gauge that moved left or right depending on whether their walking style was more depressed or happier. The subjects did not know what the gauge was measuring. Researchers told some subjects to try and move the gauge left, while others were told to move it right. Afterwards, participants had to write down as many words as they could remember from the earlier list of positive and negative words.

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'Those who had been walking in a depressed style remembered many more negative words. The difference in recall suggests that the depressed walking style actually created a more depressed mood,' Troje explained. Clinically depressed patients are known to remember negative events and remembering the bad make them feel even worse. 'If you can break that self-perpetuating cycle, you might have a strong therapeutic tool to work with depressive patients,' researchers noted. The study was published in the Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry. (Read: Top 10 songs to uplift your mood)

Here are 8 foods that will instantly boost your mood

Chocolates: It s not surprising that people crave sweets when they are sad or feel low. Sweets elevate the levels of brain chemicals called endorphins that have natural mood-lifting ability. Some of you might feel better after eating chocolates than any other sweets. That s because chocolates contain phenylethyleneamine and anadmide that give euphoric feeling and improve mood.

Fruits: Fresh fruits are a part of whole food diet having huge benefits for those with mood disorders. Berries, oranges, pomegranates, apples, bananas, bluberries, grapes, figs, peaches, strawberries, watermelon, etc. are all antioxidant rich foods that not only reduces physical stress but also makes you feel better and energetic. Make sure you have at least one fruit (at least two servings) daily in your diet.

Nuts: There are three reasons why eating nuts can instantly induce a feeling of happiness. Firstly, they fare ibre-rich. Secondly, they help you stay fit by boosting metabolism by as much as 11 percent. Thirdly, they help regulation of blood sugar because they have a low glycemic index. Unlike other unhealthy snacks, they do not induce hunger and fat storage which makes you feel lethargic. Moreover, they are packed with nutrients like vitamin E, potassium, folic acid and magnesium, which are all associated with mood improvement, better sleep and stress control. Read more about Top 8 foods that will instantly boost your mood

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