Testosterone shots could protect against heart attacks!

Testosterone shots can not only overcome low libido in men but also protect them against heart attacks, says a US study. A five-shot course of the hormone boosted male sex drive as well as their fitness levels, mood and their ability to concentrate. They also reported weight loss. The incidence of low libido dropped from 64 percent to 10 percent after treatment. The study was conducted on men with medically deficient levels of testosterone, known as hypogonadism.

Experts believe the findings could be relevant to the far larger group of ageing men whose testosterone has simply dropped to low levels. Testosterone, the hormone produced by the testicles, is responsible for the development of male sexual characteristics as well as maintaining muscle bulk, keeping bones healthy, helping the body to produce enough red blood cells and improving mood.

However, as men age, levels of the hormone drop up to 40 percent to bring on symptoms dubbed 'the manopause', the Daily Mail reported. Some believe these men could also benefit from testosterone supplementation in the form of gels, or injections if those gels do not work. The new shots may eliminate the need for Viagra.

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Source: IANS

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