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Techie Falls Off Balcony And Dies In Noida: Unintentional Falls, Traumatic Outcomes Among Adults And Kids

Falls from balconies also contribute to accidental deaths across the globe

Falls from balconies also contribute to accidental deaths across the globe. Although rare among adults, children are more prone to such incidents.

Written by Kashish Sharma |Updated : September 26, 2022 3:31 PM IST

In an incident, a 42-year-old man died in Noida last week after he allegedly fell off a balcony from his apartment which was on the ninth floor. The deceased, who worked in a leading multinational company, had recently shifted to the city from Bengaluru. The police are yet to ascertain if the fall was accidental or intentional. Among the reasons for the fall could be the incessant rain that could have led to the tragedy.

As per reports, the deceased was living in an apartment in Grand Omaxe society in Sector 93B of Noida. Reportedly, the police informed that the deceased was keeping unwell for some time. Following the fall, his body was taken to a hospital and had been sent for an autopsy. Falls from balconies also contribute to accidental deaths across the globe. Although rare among adults, children are more prone to such incidents.

Unintentional balcony falls and adults

Falls from balconies are a type of accidental fall that is not as uncommon as one thinks. They can be accidental or deliberate as in cases of suicide or murder. Unintentional falls have often resulted in life-threatening situations. The following are some reasons behind such falls among adults-

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  1. Environmental factors like slippery floors, low parapets, rains, damaged railings, and balcony collapse (failure to repair parapet and balcony flooring from time to time)
  2. Poor bodily coordination, poor grip or difficulty in walking due to some underlying health conditions
  3. Poor bodily judgement under the influence of alcohol and narcotic substances
  4. Accidental falls due to push at a party or a social event where too many people are present on the balcony
  5. Being negligent, sitting on railings and losing balance

Unintentional balcony falls and children

Most falls from windows and balconies occur in children under the age of five years and are associated with high death rates and the instant need for surgery. Following are some reasons why children fall from balconies-

  1. Small children who have just started walking are more prone to such accidents if their movement is not supervised. They would like to explore new things without understanding the risk associated with them. A small child can easily squeeze through a railing gap of balconies. Due to weak and developing neuromuscular responses, they are unlikely to have a good grip on objects like railings.
  2. Such accidents among children are more likely to happen during colder months when families tend to open windows and balconies for natural air conditioning. Hence, children have more access to these spaces.
  3. Low parapets make such incidents more likely to happen if there are small children in the house. Small children in absence of supervision might try to sit or climb parapets or sit on them for fun.

How to protect your child from falling off the balcony

As a parent, you must be mindful of the following things if your child is small and your house happens to have a balcony-

  1. Never leave your child unattended near a window or balcony
  2. Never allow them to climb over balcony railings to get a better view
  3. Keep chairs, tables and other climbable materials away from balconies
  4. Make use of barriers or grills to protect your child from falling
  5. Ensure balcony doors have childproof latches
  6. If your child can understand, talk with them about window and balcony safety

Possible injuries due to a fall

In many cases, falling from a fairly high height can result in instant death. Here are a few injuries an adult or child might suffer following a fall-

  1. Traumatic brain injury
  2. Fractured vertebrae and slipped disc
  3. Temporary or permanent paralyses
  4. Fractures in some or many parts of the body, hands, legs, pelvis, shoulders and skull
  5. Brain haemorrhage or other forms of internal bleeding
  6. Muscle and tendon injuries
  7. Death

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