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Tamil Nadu CM J Jayalalithaa lauds the Adyar Cancer Institute

Written by Admin |Published : June 13, 2013 9:29 AM IST

Chennai, June 13: Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa recently attended the diamond jubilee celebrations of the Adyar Cancer Institute and also announced a special grant of Rs 5 crore for a memorial building to be constructed by the institute. The CM also inaugurated the Tamil Nadu Cancer Registry Project (TNCRP), a joint venture of the Health Department of the state the Cancer Institute. The venture will also see the use of state-of-the-art technology like the True Bean Linear Accelerator and HDXT 1.5 TESLA 16 channel MRI Unit.

Jayalalithaa also doffed her hat to the work done by the institute in the last six decades. Also the CM announced that to ensure patients of ailments like blood cancer and thalassemia have access to an Indian stem cell bank, the government had sanctioned a pathbreaking cord banking system, with a grant of Rs 9 crore. Under this scheme, 3,000 cord blood donations would be collected and processed by government hospitals and people like government employees, their departments and patients under the Chief Minister s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme would be treated free of charge. She also announced that the government had granted a further Rs 15 crore for setting up palliative care centres in all districts.

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Cancer is a group of over one hundred diseases characterized by abnormal, uncontrolled cell growth. In a healthy body cells grow, die and are replaced in a very controlled way. Damage or change in the genetic material of cells by environmental or internal factors result in cells that don t die and continue to multiply until a massive cancer or a tumour develops. Most cancer related deaths are due to metastasis, malignant cells that penetrate into the circulatory system and establish colonies in other parts of the body. Great advancements have been made but cancer is still leading cause of death for people under 85. Read more about the war on cancer

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