Swine flu (H1N1) kills five in Rajasthan

Five people have reportedly died of swine flu in Rajasthan over the past 20 days, including two Tuesday, and the state health machinery has been placed in a state of high alert, an official said. After a lull of six months, swine flu has again reared its head in the state as 18 other patients have been detected with the disease and are being treated at various hospitals in the state. "Dhannath Singh, 70, and Uma Devi, 28, died of swine flu in Bikaner and Nagaur districts Tuesday," a senior medical and health department officer told IANS.

He added that so far 18 cases of swine flu have been detected in the state and extreme precautions are being taken to prevent the spread of the disease further. Following the sudden spurt in swine flu in the past two months, the entire state health machinery has been geared up to face any eventuality, he added. The extended winter in early February in the state and the intermittent sharp disturbances during the winter to summer transition phase are some of the reasons for the recent rise in swine flu cases, the official said.

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Source: IANS

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