Surprising! Kids’ diarrhoea drug popular among adults to cure hangover

Had a fun late-night party? How to deal with the hangover the next morning. Here's what might help you out...

After all the fun and booze you had in the party late-night, comes the horrible hangover. And most of you might reach for some pain killers or try some home remedies to zap that hangover away. Well, there s some interesting thing that all the adults across the USA are trying out to deal with hangover. And you can also try it out this time to help you feel great the morning after a party Pedialyte, drug used to treat diarrhoea in kids. (Read: 5 ways to deal with a hangover)

After this not-so-new infant drink has been touted as a surprisingly effective hangover cure, sales of this medicine have gone up in the US. As per marketing research company Nielsen, adult use of the medicine has gone up by 57 percent since 2012. In the past few years, famous names like Pharrell and Miley Cyrus have sworn by Pedialyte as a hangover cure. (Read: 9 natural hangover remedies that really work!)

Professor Stanley Goldfarb of the Perelman School of Medicine in Pennsylvania said that hangovers are caused by alcohol by-products in the body and these by-products have to be metabolised by the liver, which takes time.

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He added that there's no evidence that any cure is better than simply waiting. However, the placebo effect is a powerful one, and there's plenty of anecdotal evidence from happy users to suggest that it works, at least psychologically. (Read: Practical tips to prevent a hangover)

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