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Sunanda Pushkar's death: UK-based forensic lab to test viscera samples

Written by Agencies |Published : November 14, 2014 11:45 AM IST

New Delhi, November 14, 2014: It will almost be a year since the death of Sunanda Pushkar, wife of Sashi Tharoor, and yet ther's not much clarity about the cause of her death. In the recent updates, it was revealed that Delhi Police is now considering sending the viscera samples of Pushkar to a forensic laboratory in UK to determine the type of poison that might have caused her death.

In a second report, medical board at AIIMS confirmed that Pushkar had been killed by poison. however, it was not revealed which poison that caused her death. They had suspected the use of some poison that had radioactive isotopes in it that labs in India couldn t detect. For now, the police have asked AIIMS medical officials to re-investigate and determine the poison that might have caused Pushkar s death. But if AIIMS team fails to do so, then the samples will be sent abroad. (Read: Sunanda Pushkar died due to poisoning, confirms AIIMS report)

A senior police officer said the police were mulling sending the viscera samples to a UK-based laboratory that had facilities to test all kinds of poisons. 'It is almost clear that Pushkar died of poisoning. The biggest question now is what kind of poison was used and how did it reach her body. If these are answered, the case could head to its logical end,' the officer said on condition of anonymity. (Read: Sunanda Pushkar death report hints at drug poisoning but inconclusive)

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The police have already seized three mobile phones and a laptop of Pushkar and sent them to a forensic laboratory in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, to check whether anything was deleted from the gadgets after her death. On Thursday, the police questioned some people related to the case but senior officials refused to divulge their identities. (Read: Sunanda Pushkar suffered from Lupus and TB)

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