Summer: 6 ways to include the nutrient-rich mango kernels or 'gutli' in your diet, skincare and hair care routine

The amazing health benefits of mango seeds will make you fall in love with it!

Mangoes have amazing health benefits, we all know that... but very few people know about the health benefits of the mango seeds/kernels, also, popularly called 'gutli' in Hindi. The seeds are highly nutritious are known to help you beat obesity, maintain blood sugar levels, cardiovascular health, diabetes and is also used in powdered form to curb diarrhoea. This is not it, mango seeds are also used to maintain the overall well being of the stomach and its digestive tracts. Mango seeds/kernels are also known be highly beneficial in terms of hair care and skin care. Yes! Mango seeds have shown great results in curbing dandruff and itchy scalp and is used in face pack and rinses for its amazing skin care properties as it can help get rid of acne and achieve clear, glowing skin. Mango seed is really a package of goodness. However, you must try using the seeds of raw mangoes as they are easier to use. Seeds of ripened mangoes have hard shells and are difficult to use. These days you even get mango seed butter and other skin and hair care products.

Note: Use mango seeds in one or these forms.

  • Take mango seeds of the unripe mango and slice it into pieces. Roast it over the flame on a 'tawa' or pan for about 3-4 minute until its skin is brown. Grind.
  • You can also sun-dry the seeds and make a powder out of it.
  • Or just directly use raw mango seeds.

Here are 5 ways to use mango seeds for skincare, diet and hair care:

  1. You can include mango seeds in your diet by using the powder or even in raw form(for unripe mangoes) in the curries or dals you make.
  2. If you are fond of pickles, you can make mango seed pickles and store it for a long time.
  3. When you make ampanna next time, you can just add a half teaspoon of raw mango seed paste in it.
  4. Make raw mango seed chutney. Just add some raw mango seed pieces and some pieces of raw mango itself, 5-6 mint leaves, some coriander leaves, 1 tsp lime juice, 2-3 chillies, 1-2 garlic kernels and salt to taste. Grind and eat it as a dip with your favourite food.
  5. Seeds of ripened mangoes can be dried and used as a facial scrub. Just add one tsp of aloe vera gel to 2 tsp of mango seed powder and use it as a scrub.You can use mango seed butter as moisturisers.
  6. Get rid of dandruff by using mango seed powder as a scalp scrub to get rid of dandruff. Mix seed powder, lemon juice and a bit of water to make a thick paste. Scrub your scalp lightly and wash your hair after leaving it for about 15 minutes.


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