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Strawberries don't make teeth whiter

Written by Editorial Team |Published : October 15, 2014 3:09 PM IST

A new study has claimed that it's a myth that strawberries have whitening effect on teeth. According to University of Iowa researcher, So Ran Kwon, who compared a homemade strawberry-baking soda recipe with other remedies, such as over-the-counter products, professional whitening, and prescribed whitening products, found that brushing the teeth with fruit and baking soda does not whiten them.

Kwon, who's the sole author for the study said that the only benefit of the do-it-yourself methods was that they made the teeth look whiter by just removing accumulated plaque. In her experiments, Kwon rubbed a mixture of California-grown, organic strawberries and baking soda on 20 recently extracted teeth for five minutes, followed by a gentle brushing. She repeated the routine three times over 10 days-much like the recommendations espoused by the pro-all-natural teeth-whitening experts. (Read: Home remedies for whiter teeth do they work?)

The result: The teeth brushed with the strawberry-baking soda mixture showed no real whitening, based on two well-known color-measurement tests and evaluations with a spectrophotometer, Kwon reported. Three other groups of 20 extracted teeth were subjected to other teeth-whitening procedures-mimicking teeth whitening at a dentist, a prescribed tooth-whitening regimen and whitening strips bought over the counter. All produced discernible whitening in the observational and instrumental tests, the study found. (Read: 7 tips for whiter, shinier teeth)

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The main reason why strawberries don't work as teeth whiteners is their chemistry, as they utterly lack in hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide, which are key ingredients in tooth-whitening products, according to the American Dental Association.

The study is published in the journal Operative Dentistry.

Here are simple tips for whiter teeth

1. Maintain good oral hygiene

Good oral hygiene not only keeps your mouth healthy but also helps keep your teeth white. Plaque that sticks on and between your teeth can harbour bacteria can cause discolouration of your pearly whites. Brush at least twice a day. And don t forget to floss once or twice a day preferably after dinner.

2. Use an electric or ultrasonic toothbrush

Electric and ultrasonic toothbrushes claim to regain the original white colour of your teeth without bleaching! By removing stains from food, coffee, etc., they restore the teeth to their natural colour. They also contain no chemicals or bleach to damage the enamel. These brushes also provide deep cleaning.

3. Watch your diet

Foods you eat may show their tell-signs on your teeth. Stay away from tooth-staining foods and drinks like red wine, colas, dark juices/curries, black tea, coffee, etc. And if you do have them make it a habit to drink water after that. Read more about Get whiter teeth with these 8 simple tips

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