Stop texting, wear gloves to prevent frostbites this winter!

Text MessagingSurgeons have warned that although fingerless gloves leave fingers exposed for texting in winters, they can also lead to permanent loss of fingers due to frostbite and even amputations. Arthur Sanford, Division of Trauma, Surgical Critical Care and Burns, Loyola University Health System, said that fingers are one of the first body parts to feel the effects of the cold and damp and along with toes, ears and the nose are frequently subjected to frostbite and even amputation.

Better to fat finger a text due to wearing winter gloves than to lose a finger due to the cold, Sanford said. Frostbite is most likely to happen in body parts farthest from the heart and those with large exposed areas. Blood vessels start to constrict at or below 32 degrees Celsius to preserve body temperature and the lack of blood in areas of the body can lead to freezing and the death of skin tissue, Sanford said. When suffering from prolonged exposure to cold, use room temperature or slightly warm water to gently revitalize the body. (Read: Adults spend almost 91% of time talking or texting on mobile phones)

Do not use hot water, or rub with handfuls of snow or vigorously massage the frozen area, Sanford warned, as overstimulation can actually worsen the situation. Sanford added that bundling up for winter may take you out of media circulation temporarily but better that than to permanently lose the ability to text due to frostbite.

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