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Sputnik V Precautionary Dose: Health Ministry Shares Guidelines For The Booster

Sputnik V Precautionary Dose: Health Ministry Shares Guidelines For The Booster

Coronavirus Vaccine: States should increase the precautionary dose of the Sputnik V vaccine. Know why the central administration abruptly had to give this suggestion?

Written by Tavishi Dogra |Updated : July 15, 2022 11:03 AM IST

The central government has suggested that private immunization centres providing the Sputnik V vaccine ensure vaccine availability and reach the beneficiaries for its second and preventive doses. However, in a letter to the states and union territories, Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan said on Thursday that it had been observed that only 0.5 per cent of the number of people who have to take the precautionary dose of Sputnik V vaccine had been achieved.

Health Ministry On Precautionary Dosage

Union Health Secretary said that the Health Ministry had received questions about the precautionary dosage of this Russian vaccine. Bhushan referred to an email sent on May 5 to all states and union territories which mentioned that those who have received two doses of the vaccine could be given a precautionary dose at private covid vaccination centres using component 1 of Sputnik V.

Activation Of Private Vaccination Centres

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In a July 6 order, Bhushan said the interval between the second and third doses has now been reduced to six months or twenty-six weeks for all vaccines. To increase the receipt of this vaccine so that the beneficiaries of this vaccine can take a booster dose, the Health Secretary has asked the states to ensure the availability of the Sputnik V vaccine (Component 1) and the activation of private COVID vaccination centres.

Confusion About Sputnik Precaution Dose

Until now, there was confusion about the third dose for those who had taken the Sputnik vaccine. Because the option of Sputnik for precaution dose was not visible on the Cowin app. Lakhs of people who had administered both doses of the Russian vaccine Sputnik last year had trouble taking the third dose. However, because the difference between the two doses of Sputnik was about 30 days, people got both of them done within one month.

Gap Between The Booster Dose

It was told earlier that the gap between booster doses could be reduced because the government had earlier directed that the third corona dose could be taken within nine months, which was a very long gap. All the specialists were appealing to decrease it. Serum Institute CEO Adar Poonawalla suggested that the government should bridge the gap. The difference between the two vaccine doses ranged from 9 months to 6 months.

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