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Sport Akshay Kumar's look in Gabbar with these grooming tips

Written by Poorva Chavan |Updated : March 17, 2015 11:49 AM IST

From playing a young and dashing cop in various movies to intense roles, Akshay Kumar with his killer looks has swooped many hearts. He's not only known for his fitness but also his style. The Khiladi Kumar has always experimented with the type of roles he plays in all his movies and this time around he has kept us guessing about his character in the movie Gabbar, the teaser of which was recently released. While the teaser doesn't reveal anything about Akshay's role but it looks like he will be sporting a beard. He also posted a picture on twitter where he sported a beard and carried it off with such finesse that made me believe that men should grow beards only to look like him.

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If you want to sport a beard like him, here are some expert tips:

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  • Stay committed to growing and maintaining a long beard even though it is tedious. Akshay Kumar sports a long and dense beard in Gabbar, grooming which can be a challenge. Use a regular beard trimmer or hair clippers. Use a long guard length on your beard trimmer (or guard #3 on clippers) and start on the sides of your face above the jawline and work your way down towards the chin to acquire best results. Here are 7 tips to style your beard the right way.

NOTE: DO NOT go the other way round as that goes against hair growth and the trimming will be uneven and shabby.

  • Taper the rest of the beard towards the chin for a good shape. Comb the beard in all outward directions and snip away uneven hair growth. Smoothen the beard down after you are done clipping away.
  • Trim your moustache the same way using a comb to comb it down and scissors to trim it. Set your moustache using some wax to get the desired shape.

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