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Soon-to-be mommy Ankita Bhargava shares her fitness and diet mantras

T V actress Ankita Bhargava who is set to become a mom unravels her fitness and diet routine.

Written by Aishwarya Vaidya |Published : May 17, 2018 9:55 AM IST

TV actress Ankita Bhargava aka (Ankita Karan Patel) was seen in daily soaps like Sanjivani , Reporters , Dekha Ek Khwaab and movies like Action Jackson , Akira and Hum Do Anjaane . Sultry Ankita has carved her niche in the TV industry with her flawless acting. Ankita is expecting her first child and has altered her fitness and diet routine. She believes in keeping it simple and following a healthy diet. Know Ankita s keep-fit secrets.

Ankita, a fitness enthusiast who is expecting a baby soon highlights, I have started prenatal yoga and will start pre natal Pilates too. I have been advised to walk as much as possible. I find it because I have always been into functional and weight training. Earlier, I would focus on my whole body by trying to improve my stamina. But, now I want to become flexible and correct my posture with each passing month. I have also been advised to meditate which is on my list as well and I will be doing it.

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Ankita who has up her fitness and diet routine is a pure vegetarian. I m following a book on pregnancy which is based on basic Indian food. And the bare essentials of every meal and what it does to our system. Earlier, I used to consume 6 meals per day. But, now I eat everything in limited quantity after every two hours.

She adds, Since, I don t devoid myself of anything I don t really crave for food. In case I feel like eating anything then, I opt for ice-cream or any fried foodstuff in small portions.

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