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Sonu Sood reveals fitness and workout secrets

Sonu Sood says he doesn't give up gymming even when he's shooting in minus temperatures with very less oxygen in Ladakh.

Written by Upneet Pansare |Updated : November 6, 2017 10:18 AM IST

Sonu Sood has donned a number of roles as a romantic hero, a villain, a comic actor in an ensemble cast, a martial arts hero among others. The one thing that has been his unique trademark in all his big screen appearances is his tall stature and his absolutely ripped, well maintained and toned body. May be his Punjabi genes have a bit of a role to play in this. But no one can deny that there is a lot of effort that goes behind all those muscles and six packs. Currently, Sonu Sood is busy shooting for JP Dutta s upcoming film, Paltan in Ladakh in which he plays the role of a soldier. So how does he maintain to keep up his fitness even when he is shooting in far off places with extreme temperatures and tricky terrains like Ladakh? Does he give up gymming? Who better to reveal the answers to this and the secrets behind his good looks than the actor and fitness icon himself. We got talking to Sonu Sood who was in Mumbai for a few hours for the launch of FitIndia Conclave, about what makes him one of the fittest actors in Bollywood and this is what he had to say:

1) NEVER miss workouts- No matter what happens, I go to the gym every day for two hours and work out. It doesn t matter what my schedule is, how erratic my shoot timings are, which city or country my promotions are in, I just go any time to the gym, but I make sure I go.

2) Education about nutrition Before I became an actor, I used to be very ignorant about what I ate. I would eat about 8-10 eggs a day. I never bothered about counting calories or checking the nutritive values about what I used to eat. It s only after I became an actor that I studied nutrition and consulted with experts to understand what my body needs. I control my diet now. I have less carbs and more proteins in my daily diet.

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3) There s never a wrong or right time to start working out or eating heathy -- It s never too late or too early to start getting fit. I find it really annoying when my friends tell me they will start gymming from the first of the month, or in the New Year, or from Monday! There will never a Monday or a new year. You MUST start right now! New Year health resolutions are nothing but a waste of time! The only time to start is now.

4) Make sure you help others around you to get fit too I met my school teacher after some 8-10 years in my hometown and just couldn t recognise him. It was like he had aged by 25 years in those 8-10 years. I asked him for the reason and was shocked when he told me that he didn t find it necessary to be fit or eat healthy now that he had retired! He said to me, What s the point of joining the gym at this age? I am any way getting old and my children are well settled in the US. I just didn t understand this. I urged him hard to join a gym. Then I happened to meet him a couple of months ago and was surprised! He looked thinner, fitter and so much younger! He thanked me profusely for forcing him to join the gym. I am fit and I consider it my duty to inspire others to be fit. I am happy to see people around me become fit. Here's how Sonu Sood helped Kapil Sharma with weight loss.

5) I am not into fitness not just for myself I work out and eat healthy not just for myself but also for my family who love me. Remember, when you are fit, you live longer for your loved ones.

6) No gym? No problem! I m currently shooting in Ladakh. When I arrived in Leh for the shoot, I checked out a local gym and realised there were just 3 dumbbells and one bar. I requested for some more gym equipment but was told that since we were in such a difficult terrain high up the mountains, it would take days for the equipment to arrive. So till that happens I m making do with what I have. I do my sit ups, push ups and other exercises in that tiny gym. We are at such a high altitude, it is difficult to even breathe. But I still make sure I work out.

Image source: Twitter/@SonuSood

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