Sonakshi Sinha stands up to KRK's sexist comments on Twitter

Kim Kardashian has taken the internet by storm after the picture of her derrier, quickly followed by a picture of her breasts. While people are certainly happy that the controversial start decided to do an expose, it does beg an answer as to what these stars think when they decide to go public with such images.

While Kim Kardashian might not think much of her buttocks or breasts making news, our Bollywood stars definitely do not appreciate being objectified. This was made amply clear by the recent Deepika Padukone's cleavage incident, where The Times Of India posted a picture of her cleavage. Her angry come-back went viral and a lot of her co-stars endorsed how lowly the move was by the leading daily. It seems her move to stop the objectification of women has caught on and now Sonakshi Sinha has taken it upon herself to stop people from talking about women and their body parts as objects.

What actually happened?

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In a recent Tweet Kamal R Khan said, that he was disappointed that none of the ladies in Bollywood had buttocks like Kim Kardashian. He then went on to perform an 'informal survey' on which actress in Bollywood had the 'biggest butt'. He Tweeted, tagging the various actresses and asked people to re-tweet the post if they agreed with his point of view.

KRK tweet

In response to his tweets, Sonakshi Sinha beat him at his own game and asked people to re-tweet her post if they though that Kamal R Khan was 'a woman disrespecting waste of space and should be hung upside down and slapped'.

Sonakshi SInha tweet

While, 1.2 thousand people re-tweeted her post, Kamal R Khan chose to explain his faux-pas away by saying that it was simply a survey to find the sexiest actress in Bollywood.

This whole incidence only throws up a simple question, why is it that a mysogynist society like ours thinks it is okay to objectify women? Why is it okay for a man to discuss the assets of a woman and even seek appreciation for his actions? While, the actresses in Bollywood do work in a field that feeds of this kind of objectification, where do we draw the line? And why do these people, when chided for their actions, feel ashamed of what they have done and shy away by making silly excuses for their actions? Finally, it is perfectly alright to admire beauty but talking about a woman like a piece of meat is definitely not okay.

In the meanwhile, Kamal R Khan is probably at the receiving end of a lot of criticism, we are sure, and it is definitely well deserved, but this move will also do a lot to bolster his 'attention-seeking' trait.

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