Small lifestyle changes can help you stay diabetes-free

Diabetes is major lifestyle disease affecting around 29.1 million people in the USA. In India too, the number is not less. According to a recent study, the rate of diabetes has gone up by around 123% in India. Poor lifestyle and lack of awareness about its management has only made things worse. A report had also suggested that by 2035, nearly 600 million people worldwide will suffer from this lifestyle disease. Hence, it becomes imperative to control one's blood sugar levels and take necessary action before it's too late. . (Read: 10 ways to control diabetes naturally)

Monitor your blood glucose levels regularly. This gives you an exact idea of whether your blood glucose levels are fluctuating and if a necessary precaution needs to be taken. You should also take medication as suggested by doctors and follow a strict routine. Maintain a healthy weight by exercising regularly and also keep a tab on your diet. Eat foods that are low in sugar and on fat. You can also keep a record of what you eat. Kick the butt and limit alcohol consumption Here s how fibre can help you to prevent diabetes.

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