Shocking: Man with narcolepsy spends Rs 10,000 buying toiletries in sleep

This 46-year-old can shop, clean and cook in his sleep. All of this, owing to his sleep disorder- Narcolepsy.

Sleep disorders are intriguing for us, aren't they? But for those suffering from it, life can be quite challenging. In a shocking case, a 46-year-old, Mark Doyle from the United Kingdom has spent Rs 10,000 on buying toiletries in sleep, a couple of weeks ago.

Doyle has been suffering from narcolepsy, a sleep disorder for many years. He has been buying a lot of things in his sleep for long now. Not only shopping, he can even clean and cook in his sleep. Earlier, his turns lasted for 5-10 minutes, off-late, they last for about half-an-hour.

While he has struggled all his life due to this disorder, he has no money left to shop anymore. When he tried to return the products that he bought in sleep, he was denied by saying that it was his problem. The apathy by the society seems to haunt him. He doesn't even have a job owing to his illness. He, however, stays determined to fight the disease.

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What is narcolepsy?

A person having narcolepsy may experience cataplexy (sudden loss of muscle tone or muscle weakness occurring mainly in the the knees, face and neck). Since you tend to spend most of your time dreaming in Rapid Eye Movement (REM) phase, strong emotions like anger, fear or happiness are provoked. These strong emotions trigger muscle weakness. The episodes of muscle weakness last for a short while, about a few seconds or minutes.

Narcolepsy is a sleep disorder that is characterized by the following:

  1. Excessive sleepiness.
  2. Sleep paralysis.
  3. Hallucinations.
  4. Loss of muscle control.
  5. Fatigue.

Narcolepsy occurs equally in men and women, however, it is not very common (roughly 1 in 2000 people are affected). The symptoms occur in childhood or adolescence. People with narcolepsy feel sleepy throughout the day and may involuntarily fall asleep while performing a normal activity. The trouble with the disease is, for someone who is suffering from narcolepsy, the line between sleeping and staying awake is blurred. Therefore, activities that the perform while staying awake could be even performed while they are actually sleeping and vice-versa.

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