Sickle cell anaemia: This new device can help to reduce infant mortality

Sickle cell disease (SCD) or sickle cell anaemia can be termed as a genetic disease of the red blood cells (RBCs). This new method will enable you to know if the person has a sickle cell gene.

An inherited form of anaemia is known as sickle cell anaemia. This is a condition in which, adequate oxygen cannot be carried out throughout your body as enough healthy red blood cells aren't there. Also, you may show symptoms like frequent chest, arm and leg pain, you will feel fatigue and your hands and feet may swell. You may also suffer from jaundice. You should visit an expert if observe pale skin, abdominal swelling, fever and symptoms of stroke trouble while walking, vision problem and so on. Read on.

Now, a Point of Care Device' will help to identify whether he/she has a sickle cell gene. And this identification can be done merely in 10 minutes. The Sickle Cell Support Society of Nigeria has urged health facilities to adopt this new method of diagnosis of SCD in new-born. This can help to lower infant mortality.

In the workshop organized by the University of Abuja Centre of Excellence for Sickle Cell Disease Research and Training, Prof Adekunle Adekile, chairman of the Society said that in advanced countries like the United Kingdom, a new-born has to compulsory undergo sickle cell testing as it helps them to give a baby the comprehensive care.

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He also said explained, due to the early diagnosis, the outlook has changed in these counties. Before it, most of the children lost their lives under the age of 5. Earlier, the diagnosis was very expensive, but now there are cheap and simple methods to diagnose it. Early diagnosis can help one to take preventive measures so that children will not develop any complications which can cost them their lives.

Prof Obiageli Nnodu and Director, Centre of Excellence for Sickle Cell Disease Research and Training who was the convener of the programme said that the workshop was a pilot study.

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