Shared a heart, now share a smile, Tanzanian twins separated

Sharing the lining of the heart, Tanzanian twins Adriana and Abriana were born conjoined. The twins, now 9 months old, were perplexed to move freely and not bump into each other after the 12 hour long surgery which separated them. The twins not only shared the pericardium but also had fused livers and abdomens due to a condition called thoraco-omphalopagus. (Read: Conjoined twins sharing liver successfully separated)

Their parents Jimmy Mtemi and Carolina Zakaria were ecstatic after a few rough months as the twins were separated and healthy. The parents informed that back in Tanzania, there are no procedures to identify any abnormalities in children before birth. They also didn t know that they would be blessed with twins first of all, let alone know that they would be conjoint. In Tanzania, they were told that the twins shared a one heart and their separation would mean losing one child.

They had read about separation of Tanzanian twins Ericana and Eluidi in Chennai and thought of going ahead with the surgery. But after thorough research they realised that the odds were against them as of the many pairs of conjoint twins separated, only one of them had a condition similar to theirs and one of the twins had died three weeks after separation.

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Dr V Sripathi, who led the team of 25 doctors informed in a statement to TOI that this condition is common among conjoined twins, their separation is a risky affair as there are 45 % chances of one twin dying. The surgery was crucial as Abriana got the major portion of the pericardium but the doctors had to use bovine lining to cover Adriana s heart. There were complications with her case after the surgery as the doctors found out that her intestine was touching the heart. (Read: What are conjoined twins?)

The surgery took place on November 17 th and after being under observation for one month, the twins are now ready to go home.

Their parents Jimmy and Carolyn said that they can t wait to introduce the separated twins to their older brother as he always wanted a sister and now he has two.

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