Selfie with a dead man, are we crossing the line?

Would you take a selfie with a dead body?

Taking a selfie has now become a sort of necessity with you wanting to tell the world about your whereabouts. While selfies have been clicked for a while, they have gained popularity only now. With a lot of celebrities and politicians taking selfies, this whole 'selfie-movement' garnered a lot of attention.

The internet is full of selfies and people click selfies while doing extraordinary things. The selfie mania has reached such heights that a college in London offers a professional course in taking a selfie. Selfies are meant to be fun, but time and again they have proved to be disastrous and fatal. The recent news of a woman dying while taking a selfie and an Indian-American pilot who crashed a plane while taking a selfie in the cockpit are only a few examples of it.

But, the selfie mania has now crossed its limits. In a deeply saddening incident, a young Indian man posted a selfie with the dead body of his uncle. He posted the picture informing the world that he is sad because his uncle passed away. This only proves that the fine line between fun and stupidity has been crossed. Do we not know where to stop?

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While it makes us wonder whether being so obsessed with oneself is a mental disorder of sorts, psychologists say that addiction to selfies indicates a disorder like a body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) where selfie addicts click many pictures of themselves to correct flaws that usually go unnoticed by others.

Image source: Reddit

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