Say yes to afternoon naps and no to coffee for a healthy heart

Switch your coffees for an afternoon nap to have a healthy heart and controlled blood pressure levels.

There's one good news and one bad. The good news is that it has been proved that afternoon naps can lower the blood pressure levels and the bad news is that having lots of coffee can up the risks of heart attack in young adults with high blood pressure. A good afternoon nap is also said to reduce the number of medications that one has to take. Read: 6 shocking facts about heart diseases in India.

The study conducted by Manolis Kallistratos, Asklepieion Voula General Hospital, included 386 middle aged patients with arterial hypertension. They performed the following measurements in all patients: midday sleep time, office Blood Pressure, 24 hour ambulatory BP, pulse wave velocity, two lifestyle habits, body mass index (BMI) and a complete echo-cardiographic evaluation, including left atrial size. The researchers found that midday sleepers had five percent lower average 24 hour ambulatory systolic BP compared to patients who did not sleep at all midday. The study, further states that, not only was an afternoon nap lower the blood pressure but longer naps were more beneficial.

As far as coffee is concerned, studies have shown that people, young adults, suffering from high blood pressure must restrict their intake of caffeine. They shouldn't have more than two to three cups of coffee a day. Heavy coffee drinkers have more chances of getting a heart attack. Not only heart attack but heavy coffee intake has also been linked to prediabetes, which is a precursor to type 2 diabetes. Though coffee has said to be very useful in cutting heart attack risks, too much of it can actually affect your heart. You may want to shift to a healthy and nutritious diet with regular exercise and stay away from a cup of caffeine. Read: Could vending machine coffee be harming you?

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