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Satyamev Jayate: Does Aamir Khan need to apologize to doctors for misrepresenting them?

Written by Admin |Updated : June 1, 2012 1:07 PM IST

Aamir khan (2)Satyamev Jayate has been stepping on toes ever since the show aired. The fourth episode on medical malpractice didn't go down too well with medical community. An umbrella body of 21 medical institutions asked Bollywood star Aamir Khan to apologize for accusing doctors of malpractices in his TV talk show "Satyamev Jayate". Medscape India said the representation of malpractices supposedly perpetrated by doctors was "rather sad" and Aamir Khan should offer his apologies. "It is rather sad that doctors should be made the object of such shameless, unilateral scrutiny," Himanshu Mehta, co-founder and advisor to Medscape India, said.

After highlighting social issues affecting Indian society, Aamir Khan, in the fourth episode of his show, turned the spotlight on healthcare and malpractices in the medical profession. He highlighted unethical practices, corruption and scandalous revelations in medical treatment. "Aamir Khan is my favourite actor and he should stick to making films," said another doctor, Sunita Dube, president of Medscape.

"Surprisingly, no doctors' body has spoken against Aamir yet. We need to stand united against such blatant lies. We are going to write a scathing letter demanding an apology from him," Dube said. Medscape pointed out that doctors were subjected to assault without any fault and many people didn't understand the pressures of the profession. "Where is Aamir Khan when doctors are assaulted? Where is he when we give free treatment to the needy?" asked Kishore Taori, president of the Maharashtra Medical Council that is associated with Medscape.

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The episode on medical malpractice seems to have had an impact with five Rajasthan doctors getting booked for granting recognition to nursing colleges without proper facilities. The show has brought to fore issues like child sex abuse and female foeticide, not your usual dinner table chatter and has actually forced various state governments get their act together. The Haryana government has announced that pregnant women will have tosubmit a photocopy of their identification proof at ultrasound centres as a pre-condition for undergoing the test and there are plans to embed observer chips in ultrasound machines. Aamir Khan also met Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot todiscuss the female foeticide situation in the state and convinced him that infanticide cases should befast-tracked in special court. In MP, 65 MTP (medical termination of pregnancy) licences were suspended because they hadn't submitted the necessary documents. Recently the child sex abuse bill was also passed in Parliament to protect under 18s from sexual predators.

So tell us readers, do you think Aamir Khan misrepresented doctors and needs to apologize to them?

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Source: IANS

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