Salman Khan mocks Shah Rukh Khan for being a smoker

The recently concluded 21 year anniversary celebrations of Rajat Sharma's Aap Ki Adalat saw the three big Khans - Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan come together on the same stage after a long time. The event was special considering the three Khans are known to have differences amongst them. (Not Salman and Aamir, who have been part of the immortal comedy Andaz Apna Apna).

However, being the magnanimous souls, all three of them put their ego aside and appeared as friends on the 21st year anniversary of the show. The show was filled with great moments and was a delight for the fans of all the three Khans. There was a segment on the show called 'Khan ki adalat', where Rajat Sharma was the one standing in the box.

"I have been watching for 21 years. Salman bhai has been watching and we all have been watching. We want to know what the reason for your beautiful, fair and clear skin is?", Shah Rukh Khan asked him at one moment.

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Rajat takes a moment to collect himself and says, "The two things* that you do, I don't do."

Salman Khan interrupts and says, "By 'you', you mean Shah Rukh?"

Rajat says, "Both of you."

To which Salman says, "My skin is still good."

The audience (which has Aamir Khan) erupts in laughter. SRK, being the sporty person he is, says, "It's a lot of fun doing it. It's okay if it damages the skin a little bit. You too should try it sometime."

*Clearly these two things have to be smoking and drinking, as they can affect your skin. Salman Khan has given up both after being diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia in 2011, while Shah Rukh Khan is still notorious for being a smoker. Read about why smoking is bad for your looks.

Here are some celebrities who have quit smoking, and those who should.

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