Salman Khan kicks Shah Rukh Khan and co to win ‘best looking male with long hair in Bollywood’

Salman Khan kicks Shah Rukh Khan and co to win ‘best looking male with long hair in Bollywood’

Written by Nirmalya Dutta |Updated : July 24, 2014 4:49 PM IST

salman khanIt's very hard to compete with Salman Khan's popularity in Bollywood. We asked our readers who they thought looked the best with long hair and Salman Khan won the race comfortably, beating Shahid Kapoor, Shah Rukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan and John Abraham to the first spot.

long hair pollNumber 1: Salman Khan (26.36%)

The actor has sported long hair in various movies, including the immensely forgettable Veer, but it's his Tere Naam hairstyle that has really become a rage among the Bhai loving youth. The middle parting oiled look really took off and it became hard to walk on the streets without spotting someone with that look. In fact, after Amitabh Bachchan's Angry Young Man look, this is probably the most iconic Bollywood hairstyle of all time. Radhe and his iconic long-haired middle parting is here to stay, no matter what the so-called elitist hairstylists think!

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Picture Source: Fanpop.com

Number 2: Shahid Kapoor (19.77%)

shahid kapoorThe chocolate boy has really broken out in recent years and has sported long hair in several of his movies. Perhaps the best of his looks was in the Vishal Bhardwaj movie Kaminey, where he sported a wavy, tousled hair look to go with his gangster character and massive biceps. And needless to say, it really was popular with the ladies.

Picture Source: HdWallpapers.info

Number 3: Shah Rukh Khan (19.48%)

Shah Rukh Khan Don 2As Shah Rukh Khan gets older, he just seems to get hotter. The actor has been pulling off the long hair look for a while, starting with a grunge look in Don 2 and also had long hair in other flicks. And it's quite refreshing to see him in a different avatar compared to his tried-and-tested tousled hair look.

Picture Source: YouTube/ Don 2 Trailer

Number 4: Hrithik Roshan (15.76%)

hrithik-roshanThe hunky actor often sports curly long hair which accentuates his Greek God looks but the actor recently sported straight hair in Krrish 3, and that kind of looked weird. Thankfully, the actor returned to his classic curly looks for Bang Bang, and we must say he looks better than ever!

Source: YouTube Dhoom 2 trailer

Number 5: John Abraham (5.44%)

John AbrahamJohn Abraham broke the mould that models can't act and he did so sporting gorgeous long locks which were very popular with both the genders. His early movies like Dhoom and Jism saw him sporting long looks and we must say that we were rather sad when he decided to chop off the locks for Madras Cafe.

Picture Source: http://forums.thefashionspot.com/

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