10 road safety tips to follow while driving on slippery roads during rains and fog

Reducing the speed and turning on lights are few tips to lower the chances of accident in rains. Read to know more.

Driving in the rain can be very difficult as the heavy downpour can up the risk of road accidents due to low visibility and wet roads. As the severe weather condition demands undivided attention when driving, it is wise to stay off the road completely until the weather clears to be on a safer side. However, it is not always possible to stay indoors during rains. So if you have to travel during rains, here are few tips to follow to be safe.

1. Before you start your journey, make sure that your car s equipment is in working order. Check your headlights, tail lights, and windshield wipers to make sure that it is working efficiently. Also check your vehicle's tires as balding tires can reduce traction and thus, put you at risk of injury. Also, read about first aid tips for road accidents.

2. When driving in rains, make sure you limit your speed, this can help you to prevent hydroplaning or loss of control while steering. Slippery roads mean the tires are moving on a thin layer of water rather than gripping the surface of the road, making it difficult to control the steering and braking of your vehicle. As the vehicle's reaction time is also slower than normal, reducing the speed is necessary during rains.

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3. It is advised to turn on the headlights while driving in rain, even if it is only misting or it's broad daylight. It not only increases your own visibility but also improves the other drivers ability to see your car on the road.

4. Using windshield wipers is a must, even when it's drizzling outside and not raining heavily. Make sure to replace your wipers regularly, at least once a year. Wiper blades in bad condition don't clear water from the windshield very well and distort your view, thereby increasing the risk of accidents.

5. Make sure you maintain a safe distance between your car and the one ahead of you to avoid heavy braking and prevent ramming into a car. Also, when taking a turn, make sure to always check your mirrors and leave several car lengths between you and the driver ahead. Also read about expert tips to alleviate back pain while driving.

6. Do not drive your car through standing water as it can lead to hydroplaning and also increase the chances of skidding. Drive in another lane or at least move away from the outer part of the road, if you are well aware of the road or steer safely in such cases.

7. Don t park your cars anywhere on the road when it rains because poor visibility, which is common during rains, could lead to someone banging your car. If you are parking only for a short time, make sure to switch your parking lights on.

8. It is good to stay updated on FM or radio about the weather and changing road conditions. Reduce any other possible distractions like talking on the phone, eating, talking to passengers as it can distract your attention and might lead to possible accidents.

9. Avoid slamming on the brakes when its pouring heavily as it can cause you to slide forward, hindering the control over the car. Moreover, hitting the brakes too hard can cause the buildup of water into the brakes making it less effective. Instead, ease off the accelerator and slow down wherever possible.

10. Do not use cruise control. It could be of use when the roads are dry but not when you are driving on wet roads or during rains. This is because, it works to maintain constant speed thereby increases the chances of hydroplaning. To prevent this, always keep your car under manual control when driving in rains.

Also, read about tips to stay safe indoors during heavy rains and thunder and lightning.

Follow these simple tips to drive safe and prevent driving accidents in rains along with basic safety tips like not drinking and driving.

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