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Are you someone like me? Sitting in front of the computer all day and type away in all your glory?? Then, you probably have already piled on a lot of weight and have a backache. And this study is only going to make us feel guilty about sitting in one place all day. Various studies have previously touted sitting as the new smoking and have highlighted the ill effects of sitting for long hours. And to rub salt on our wounds, this new study says that frequent breaks from work or daily morning exercise might not help in reducing the ill effects of prolonged sitting. The study conducted at King's College London, shows that increasing physical activity to reverse the effects of prolonged sitting would not be as helpful as decreasing the sitting time altogether. (Read: No kind of exercise can reverse the ill effects of prolonged sitting)

Dr Benjamin Gardner from King's College London explained that these findings can help health care practitioners to design new techniques to reduce prolonged sitting. After studying existing studies that sought to reduce sitting time , the team arrived at the following conclusions:

Provision of sit-stand desks at work- Standing desks are slowly gaining popularity and aim to reduce the stress on backs caused by prolonged sitting. Standing desks aim at reducing the stress on your neck, back and spine. Read more on standing desks and whether they are good for you.

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Keeping a record of your sitting time-- Keep a tab on how long you have been sitting for. Also, set reminders every one hour to stand up and take a stroll. Set a goal that you will not sit for more than a particular time and follow it.

Get up and stretch-- Every time you get up to take a stroll , try and stretch your muscles. You can also do stretching exercises while sitting at your desk. Stretch your neck, tilt your neck to the right and then to the left. This helps in reducing the stiffness in your neck an d also helps in improving blood circulation in that area. While sitting on your chair, extend your legs in the front and stretch them as much as you can. (Read: You should be sitting for only 3 hrs a day!)

Don't forget your eyes-- If you are continuously peering into the screen, you eyes are bound to get affected. Look away from your screen every 30 to 45 minutes. You can also close your eyes and relax. (Read: Each hour of the day spent sitting increases the risk of heart disease by 14%)

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