Revealed -- steps to make alcohol-free beer tastier

London, Nov 5: Do you find alcohol-free beer tasteless?

Researchers University of Valladolid in Spain have developed an innovative technique that extracts aromatic compounds from regular beer, then add them to alcohol-free beer giving it a taste of alcohol yet retaining their alcohol free nature. Alcohol in beer acts as a solvent for a variety of aromatic compounds. When it is eliminated, as in non-alcoholic beers, the final product loses aromas and some of its taste. (Read: What alcohol does to your liver)

Here's a step-wise procedure used by researchers to enhance the taste of alcohol-free beer

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  • Scientists first used special beer containing 5.5 percent alcohol and another reserve beer with 6.5 percent alcohol.
  • They extracted three aromatic compounds: ethyl acetate, isoamyl acetate and isobutyl alcohol from the beers
  • A semi-permeable membrane was then used to separate two fractions from alcoholic beer: one liquid phase in which alcohol is retained, and the other gaseous phase where the aromatic compounds come in.
  • This gaseous phase was then condensed and the aromatic compounds extracted were added to non-alcoholic beer, low-alcoholic beers (Read: Why is alcohol bad for your liver?)

A panel of experts tasted them. Nearly 90 percent of tasters preferred enriched low-alcohol beer instead of their original factory counterparts and this percentage rose higher for alcohol-free beer. said lead researcher Carlos A. Blanco from the University of Valladolid in Spain.

Source: IANS

Photo source: Getty images

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