Revealed -- How Priyanka Chopra stays fit

priyanka chopraActress Priyanka Chopra is not only known for her powerful acting capabilities but also for her hourglass figure. She credits her healthy diet chart for her body. Priyanka was on the sets of Zee TV's 'Cinestars Ki Khoj' to promote her upcoming movie 'Mary Kom' where she revealed the secret of her healthy body.

When quizzed about how she maintains herself, she said: 'I believe that in order to stay fit and lose weight in a right manner, one needs to eat and not starve themselves. I eat right and ensure that I burn it all by working out equally as much as I eat.'

Anurag Basu told the unit about Priyanka having an elephant's diet. He spoke about her gulping down two to three parathas for breakfast and a 12-inch pizza for lunch all by herself.

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According to her fitness trainer for the film Samir Jaura, ' She is someone who does not put on weight easily and earlier she wouldn't think much before eating a samosa. This was the first time that Priyanka was conscious of what she ate.'

'I never thought I will play an athlete or I can become an athlete. I didn't know anything about sports. Besides, who would have thought that a girl can develop muscles and biceps, but that happened with me,' the 32-year-old said Tuesday in another interview.

'Yes, Priyanka is surely not a gym rat. Before we started, she had done a bit of cardio exercises but not really trained. So my training was a total shock to her body. But she was a thorough professional. My programme included a lot of functional training, stretching to improve flexibility, hi-rep training to increase her stamina and core workouts. She had to learn boxing for which a boxer was hired. So she was doing two intense workouts in a day,' Samir added.

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