Revealed -- How 'Fifty Shades of Grey' can affect your sex life

fifty shades of grey

Women all over the world went gaga over erotic novel 'Fifty Shades of Grey' and as the word spread, more and more women picked up a copy and delved into the kinky world of BDSM between the lead characters. But if a new study is to be believed, reading this novel and the subsequent two in the same series can have a bad impact on your health and dating life. Not only are you at a heightened risk of binge drinking but also having unhealthy sexual habits! You are also at risk of exhibiting eating disorders and having a verbally abusive partner or multiple sex partners.

'All are known risks associated with being in an abusive relationship, much like the lead character, Anastasia, is in 'Fifty Shades',' said study author Amy Bonomi from the department of human development and family studies at Michigan State University.

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To reach this conclusion, researchers studied over 650 women aged 18-24. Compared to participants who did not read the book, those who read the first 'Fifty Shades' novel were:

  • 25 per cent more likely to have a partner who yelled or swore at them.
  • Nearly 34 per cent were more likely to have a partner who demonstrated stalking tendencies.
  • More than 75 per cent were more likely to have used diet aids or fasted for more than 24 hours.
  • 65 per cent were more likely than non-readers to binge drink.
  • 63 per cent were more likely to have five or more sexual partners during their lifetime.

'I am not suggesting the book be banned or that women should not be free to read whatever books they wish or to have a love life,' she said. However, it is important women understand that the health behaviours assessed in the study are known risk factors for being in a violent relationship, Bonomi noted.

'We recognise that the depiction of violence against women in and of itself is not problematic, especially if the depiction attempts to shed serious light on the problem. The problem comes when the depiction reinforces the acceptance of the status quo, rather than challenging it,' researchers concluded.

The study appeared in the Journal of Women's Health.

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