Red wine -- an elixir of youth

Red wine drinkers can now rejoice! A study says that resveratrol found in red wine promotes cellular health and may protect against age related diseases. The study was carried out at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) in the USA.

How does red wine make you feel young?

The compound resveratrol is found in dark grapes which are used to make red wine. This compound triggers a stress response in which makes the cell work out by repairing the DNA and hence has a positive effect on the body's cells making them fit.

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How much red wine should you consume?

Even though the researchers disagreed on the fact that red wine packs enough resveratrol , for humans to benefit from it, the lead author of the study, Mathew Sajish, a senior research associate in the Schimmel laboratory said that a couple of glasses of red wine would give a person enough resveratrol to evoke the stress response and bring out that effect.

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How does wine benefit you?

Sajish also said that a moderate consumption of red wine has a protective effect on your heart and prevent many cardiovascular diseases. However, Sajish said that one will not benefit from drinking red wine every day and it would rather cancel out any health gains. And human trials are needed to better understand how resveratrol influences human health. (Read: Red wine can fight dental cavities: Study)

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