Real women share their horrible experiences with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn creeps

It doesn't stop at Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, women come across horrible creeps on LinkedIn too.

A few years ago, it was just Facebook's 'Others' folders that we thought were full of creeps and stalkers, BUT lately, we have realised that even Twitter, Instagram isn't different. And to our surprise, LinkedIn, which is a networking tool to connect people from different professional fields, also hasn't been spared by creeps. According to the pattern of texts we receive from these creeps we can figure out that these social media creeps fall under different categories. Yes! Women say, it boils down to these 3 categories:

1. The 'Hi-Hello-Goodmorning-Goodnight' creep: This is the most common type of creep. His only job is to wake up and send those gaudy good morning/good night pictures, sometimes good afternoon, good evening and hello friend pictures too. Even if you have never replied, they keep sending these messages.

2. The 'Reply please.' person: He is one level up the previous one. This is the one who will hound for a response from you and will offer to be friends with you. They will send texts like 'Your pics are hot', 'You look so pretty, can we be friends','Why are you not replying?', 'Can we meet?' etc. What amazes me is their self-confidence. Be it, Instagram message requests or LinkedIn messages you will find them everywhere.

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3. The desperate 101: This is the person who has the audacity to think of getting married to you and may have also imagined future kids with you. This is the category which you need to be a little careful about. These people are mentally frustrated or don't believe in consent.(Make sure they don't follow you)(Read:Beware! 6 types of creeps you will find on Tinder in India)

While analysing this entire social media creep situation, I interacted with a lot of women and got similar responses. Everyone is sick and tired of such creeps. Category 1 prevails in every girl's Instagram, Facebook, Twitter message requests. Some of the instances are just too hilarious. I will start with one from my Facebook message request, where this person says that he likes my profile and my picture and would like to marry me, but that should be an arranged marriage, and he will take the responsibility of it. Like seriously? He kept on messaging, and I don't know what made him think that I was waiting for his message with a garland and 'sindoor'. Another recent instance from an active participant in this discussion is on her Instagram account. She says, 'A person who added me on Instagram, randomly started making conversations with me, asking me inane questions. He even went on to write a stupid poem to "impress" me. The funny thing being, this was a one-sided conversation all the way. Intrigued, I checked his social media page and found out that he had a wife and a child. I was utterly shocked that this guy has the time to shower so much attention on a stranger despite being married. Soon enough he asked me why I wasn't talking to him. For the first time, I said, "I don't think your wife would appreciate that." To which he replied, "If I wanted to hide the fact that I was married, I wouldn't put up pictures of my family." I said, "Doesn't change the fact that I don't chat up married men! Adios creep!" and that was the last I heard of him." Wow! You see that? A married man? Is this what the world has come up to?(Read: Internet safety: Expert tips on teaching your children online safety)

Another similar instance that I came across is again from Facebook. Here's what this other participant has to say, "So I came across this 'gentleman' on social media who started sending me messages. While there were many such creeps in the 'other folder' this one stood out. He messaged me for three months every single day which I obviously ignored. The worst part was when he started commenting nasty things on my cover photos. I wish Facebook had this feature of hiding cover photos."

I have heard people asking us to ignore the creeps in the message request folder, this is what happens, we ignore, and these creeps have the audacity to write nasty things and troll us. We have instances from Twitter too. Sharing her experience, this young lady says,'The first message that I got was a harmless, hi- hello and compliments, to which I chose not to reply. Then he kept messaging me now and then. Soon he also began to use cuss words and 'WHY?' Because I didn't reply to him. Disgusted with his continuous messaging I couldn't help but report his account. His hypocrisy shined in his first and last message. And the most shocking thing is that he had a good number of followers.'

Let's now talk about LinkedIn--we all know it is supposed to be a platform to build professional contacts. BUT surprisingly women find creeps here too. A young girl quite active on LinkedIn shared her creepy encounter on LinkedIn. She says,'This guy didn't let me be. He would screenshot my picture and send it to me with a long paragraph about how he desperately wanted to meet me. From asking for my digits, he started threatening me that he would hurt himself if I didn't meet him. Now it had become freaky so I had lodged an FIR just to be safe."

How dangerous are these social media creeps?(Read: 7 ways to get a girl to like you and not come across as a creep or stalker)

There have been ghastly incidents in the past when such social media creeps have turned out to be murderers, rapists, acid attackers. Their insanity can reach any level. Social media is full of our photos and personal information. Right from check-ins to location information via posts, one can get to where you are posting from. But do we need to be afraid and compromise? NO! There are lots of ways in which you can control the information you put up. With social media upgrading itself, we may soon get a notification about people taking a screenshot of our pictures, which Snapchat is already doing. Have fun using the various social media, but just do it smartly!

You may have such had experiences too, share with us in the comment section below and share this post to let more people know about such creeps on Social media.

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