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Ranveer Singh loves birthday sex! Tips to give your lover the best birthday sex ever

Ranveer Singh loves birthday sex! Tips to give your lover the best birthday sex ever

The actor reveals it is the best birthday gift ever!

Written by Kriti Saraswat |Published : October 28, 2015 12:58 PM IST

Trust the whimsical Ranveer Singh to make any conversation interesting. The actor is often candid and open about touchy topics that other Bollywood celebs are diplomatic about. He did not shy away from endorsing a condom brand and even spoke about safe sex on various occasions. And recently, Ranveer revealed what's the best birthday gift for him.

The actor in an interview with a fashion magazine was asked what's the best birthday gift according to him? And his prompt reply was birthday sex is the best gift ever! He sure knows what he wants and isn't shy talking about it. Sex is a natural, beautiful act but we try to brush it off as it does not exist. In India where premarital sex is considered taboo, even talking about it openly is not too common. But with celebs speaking about it, we can surely expect some change in scene.

If your partner's birthday is also around the corner, you can take a cue from Ranveer and give them the best sex of their life on their special day. Here are a few tips to help you do this. Firstly, make it special by doing something different than what you usually do. It could be as simple as decorating your room in a romantic way with candles, petals, et al or even booking a hotel room just for the special night.

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Since it is birthday special sex, try new sex positions or stick to the ones your partner loves the most. You can even try oral sex if they enjoy it. Lead the way and plan ahead. Make things interesting by playing some erotic sex games or having sex on their favourite song. You can even create a playlist for sex for their birthday. Here are some song suggestions. Surprise your lover as that will make it special for them.

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