Ranbir Kapoor quits smoking after Barfi!

BarfiWatched Barfi? The chaplinesque movie has earned rave reviews from the aam janta as well as critics. Apart from all the fun Ranbir Kapoor had making the movie, he also entered into a bet that would change his life forever. The actor who has been addicted to the cancer stick, and has been in trouble for lighting up in a public place, entered into a bet with director Anurag Basu that would entail him to kick the butt. While the challenges of quitting cold turkey are well known, the actor has quit smoking, and it is believed that Anurag Basu convinced him to give up. Even the director confirmed the existence of the bet!

A source close to movie and the director, told us how it all went down. While shooting the movie, Anurag would tell Ranbir about the ill effects of smoking and advised him to quit. Ranbir told Anurag that if Barfi! Made anything above 75 crores, he would quit smoking. The movie received stellar reviews and on Monday crossed the 75 crore mark at the box office. Apart from all the celebration, Ranbir had to live up to his promise. Interestingly , before Anurag Basu could call Ranbir to remind him to quit smoking, the actor messaged him to say that he has given up the death stick. Now that's what we call taking initiative!

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