Rain-proof your skin: Watch out for these 4 skin ailments

Monsoon can invite a host of skin problems. Dr Apratim Goel tells you how to tackle them.

The monsoon not only brings a welcome respite from the summer but they also bring a whole new set of problems for your skin. Staying in wet clothes for long hours, repeated immersion of feet in the contaminated water and constant high environmental humidity cause physical discomfort as well as a myriad of skin problems- rashes, itchiness, burning sensation, infections, allergies and so on. Here, Dr Apratim Goel, dermatologist and laser surgeon Director, Cutis skin studio, Mumbai, lists out 4 skin problems which can give you a tough time.

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Athlete s Foot: This problem is more common in men as they use closed footwear. There is itching, scaling and discolouration of web spaces and also toenails may become discoloured or brittle. Wear open footwear during monsoon. Wash your feet with soap and water after exposure to puddles or rainwater. Apply anti-fungal dusting powder prior to putting on socks.

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Ringworm or tinea: The skin is very itchy and round dry red skin patches are formed. This is more common in diabetics. So, avoid using steroid ointments as they give immediate relief, but can relapse later.


Scabies: Causes intense itching especially at night and a rash in finger web spaces and body folds. Also since it spreads by contact, isolate the person and his belongings. This is commonly seen in children and needs an immediate attention.

Sensitive skin: Is a common observation with almost all age groups. Due to an irregular moisture content in the skin, it becomes dry, itchy, sensitive and dull.

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However, Dr Apratim Goel advises, If you experience any skin related problems, consult your dermatologist for appropriate treatment. Avoid quick fixes, self-medication and using OTC products.

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