#Race3: Newcomer Zaheer Iqbal is already stealing hearts with his hot bod!

The film is all set to release on June 15 and seems like a super-hit film already!

That Bollywood's Bhai- Salman Khan launches new faces is no news! This time, for Race 3, Salman Khan is launching actor Zaheer Iqbal. Among all the super-stardom and larger-than-life stunts in the trailer, we see this handsome hunk stealing some part of the show too! Yes, girls, we are talking about the #Zahero, or the very dashing and hot actor- Zaheer Iqbal. Looking at him in the trailer, we all want to know what he does to maintain that muscular body! And here's what he does.

Martial Arts

Almost everybody who does this is fit and hot. While many people seek to do martial arts for fitness, it is known for its weight loss and strength training properties. It also improves flexibility and cardiovascular endurance. The young actor is seen doing some martial arts in the movie too!

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One of the most under-rated exercises, pull-ups are superb for training the whole body. It is excellent for its functional training. This involves standing, pushing, pulling and carrying the whole body weight by your hand. It is awesome for providing better muscular strength! Read: Race 3 star Daisy Shah s fitness routine will inspire you!

Apart from this, it is good for back and core muscles. It improves your posture and is good for back pain alleviation. Lastly, it gives you a good-looking physique! Here's proof:

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Image/video source: Instagram/ @beingsalmankhan/ @iamzahero

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