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Race 3 actor Saqib Saleem's hot body will blow your mind today!

Here's how Saqib Saleem has been prepping his hot body ahead of Race 3's release this Ramadan Eid.

Written by Aishwarya Iyer |Published : June 15, 2018 11:40 AM IST

Ramadan Eid marks two important events in India- one is the festivity and next is Bollywood's Sallu Bhai's yearly release! Year after year, he gives us hit films and this year, oh boy, the thrill around has magnified no end! Race 3 is an action filled thriller movie with many superstars sharing screen space. Saqib Saleem's fitness regime and his hot boy is a visual treat this Friday. So here's what the actor, who is actress Huma Qureshi's brother, does to achieve those looks to die for! The actor too, like others in the movie has trained rigorously for Race 3. The actor plays the role of Suraj, an angry 'young man' as he calls it! Read: Race 3 actor Jacqueline Fernandez's pole dance and handstand will take your breath away!

Saqib is a fan of fitness! He keeps posting these videos of him performing various exercises. But what left us zapped was his long-and-vigorous exercise while fulfilling the famous 'Fitness challenge'. The actor does sets of pull-ups, running, jogging, burpees, chest-press, push-ups and a list that ceases to finish! Have a look for yourself:

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The actor unabashedly says,'Fitness is not about routine, it's about breaking routine in new ways every day!' Saleem surely does hit the gym with a sure aim of getting it all too right. Read: Race 3 actor Freddy Daruwala's rigorous fitness routine will motivate you!

Image/ video source: Instagram- @saqibsaleem

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