Qbiotics finds 'miracle cure' for cancer

Melbourne, June 12 (ANI): A life science company is perfecting a possible miracle cure for cancer from a fruit from the north Queensland rainforest. QBiotics based in Queensland believes that a compound extracted from the same fruit of the native blushwood may also help cure chronic wounds, the Courier Mail reported.

The company's chief executive Dr Victoria Gordon said that the anti-cancer drug found in the 130 million year old rainforest was unique. She said that their anti-cancer and wound healing products act as signalling molecules that turn on body's immune system to attack the tumour or accelerate the natural wound healing process. She said that products had successfully treated solid cancer tumours in more than 300 dogs, cats and horses.

What is cancer?

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Cancer is a group of over one hundred diseases characterized by abnormal, uncontrolled cell growth. In a healthy body cells grow, die and are replaced in a very controlled way. Damage or change in the genetic material of cells by environmental or internal factors result in cells that don't die and continue to multiply until a massive cancer or a tumour develops. Most cancer related deaths are due to metastasis, malignant cells that penetrate into the circulatory system and establish colonies in other parts of the body. Great advancements have been made but cancer is still leading cause of death for people under 85.

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