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Puma picks Rihanna as creative director for their women's collection

Written by Priyanka Ganwani |Published : December 17, 2014 5:04 PM IST

Puma, the sport brand has now appointed singer Rihanna as their creative director in charge of women's wear collection. The category to be handled by the super stylish singer is called, 'Women's Training' and the brand has Olympic champion sprinter Usain Bolt being their brand ambassador.

Sportswear for women

Keeping aside style, sportswear is more about comfort and practicality for the kind of exercises or workout you are going to be doing. It's needed that you spare a few hours before you get on to your fitness regime. Apart from what may suit you, you should pick something that doesn't rather come in way of your workout. Here is what you can look for the next time you go shopping for some workout clothes.

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How to pick the perfect sportswear

Inner-wear essentials

With rigorous training in hand, you should ensure you have comfortable and well-supported undergarments. This means your sports bra should be of good fit. Discomfort in undergarments will not let you last through your session for too long. Know how to pick the right sports bra here.

Right fit

You can't wear something that is too loose or tight, it will put you through discomfort during exercising. Hence, you shouldn't be in a hurry while picking up your sportswear and pay much attention to the right fit.


Material does matter and make all the difference. Synthetic ones like polyester, spandex and lycra are suitable as they absorb sweat and let you breathe. Besides, the fit of what you choose to wear may also be dependent on the choice of material. Here is how you can look great in your sportswear.


You can't and simply shouldn't go wrong with shoes or else you may end up being unable to carry-out most of your workout. Remember to give style and fashion, in this case, the last priority. Nothing like it if you get the balance of both, style and comfort. It's best to buy shoes that cater to the kind of workout or exercises. Here are more such tips on how to choose the right sportswear.

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