Priyanka Chopra faints on the sets of 'Bajirao Mastani'

Priyanka Chopra who wowed her fans with her power-packed performance in Mary Kom biopic, had a bit of a health scare when she fainted on the sets of Bajirao Mastani. Said to be a period drama, the film was being shot at Film City and Priyanka had to give a 4-page-long monologue.

The actress complained of dizziness before the shot and fainted during the shoot. Perhaps it was the strong lighting or the stress or lack of sleep which caused the fainting. Though the real cause is not known yet, a doctor was called on set and the shooting had to be halted for a few hours till she regained her consciousness and energy.

Surprisingly, this isn't the first time that Priyanka has collapsed. Earlier too, she had a similar incident during other films and promotional events. Though the actress works out very hard, she herself has confessed that she hates sleeping and is an insomniac. It is highly important to rest and get enough shut-eye for the body to recover but Priyanka is probably not in a mood to rest just yet.

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Her erratic schedules due to her tour in the US and shoots here could also be the reason of her disrupted sleep and lack of energy and rest. Whatever be the reason, it is important that the young actress pays attention to her health and takes good care of herself before going back to her packed schedule of films, promotions, endorsements and recordings. We wish her a speedy recovery.

What could have caused Priyanka's fainting spell?

The actress is known for stretching herself thin and has been seen in a number of interviews saying that although she had a lot on her plate she loved the fact that her life was full of activity. Due to her jet-set lifestyle Priyanka may have suffered from extreme exhaustion, fatigue and even anaemia that could be the reason for her frequent fainting spells. Apart from that, the lack of sleep coupled with stress and foods that might not have been very nutritious may have also led to her feeling ill. Reports also state that the shot she was shooting for was under harsh conditions that might have led to dehydration -- another reason to faint.

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