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Pregnant Kim Kardashian at risk of diabetes

Written by Editorial Team |Updated : October 13, 2015 11:27 AM IST

Reality TV personality Kim Kardashian says she has been told by her doctors that she may have gestational diabetes as she nears the end of her second pregnancy. Speaking to her mother Kris and eldest sister Kourtney during a promotional clip for their reality TV show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, she said: They (the doctors) saw more fluid than usual in my placenta, which can mean I have diabetes, reports (Read: 5 simple steps to prevent gestational diabetes)

But that wasn't the only thing the 34-year-old had to come to terms with during her routine ultrasound as she was also told she could be at risk from pre-eclampsia again. Kim suffered with the life-threatening condition, which is usually characterised by high blood pressure, during her first pregnancy with her daughter North, which ultimately led to her going into premature labour. She told her family: Once you have pre-eclampsia you are at risk of having it again. (Read: Healthy diet and regular exercise key to prevent gestational diabetes, says study)

What is gestational diabetes? It is when a woman who didn't have diabetes prior has it during her pregnancy. Pregnant women between the ages of 30-39 have a higher risk of having GD and Kim too falls in this age bracket. Usually women learn about this condition quite late during their pregnancy, around the 24th week. Though it doesn't show visible signs, some women experience excessive thirst or frequent urination as a symptom. Read more about gestational diabetes here.

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