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Though we Indians happen to have weird concerns like 'Could porn reduce my sexual stamina?', a survey carried out by one of the most popular porn sites in the country- has revealed what Indians love while watching porn. The study also showcases the sexual desires and preferences of Indians. The data was collected between September 2013 to September 2014 and was first published by Quartz. It lists the most searched keywords and largest consumers and the pattern of porn surfing. By the way, if you're interested in surveys on sexual topics, you should see what our penis size survey in India revealed.

Here is an exclusive interview with us where Sunny Leone reveals her beauty and fitness secrets.

Who s our favorite pornstar?

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Undoubtedly it s are very own Sunny Leone. Yes the former pornstar-turned-Bollywood actress tops the charts followed by Ann and Priya Rai.

Where do we rank?

Not so far behind. We rank fifth in the list of total daily visitors to The USA contributes to 40% of the traffic out of the total 14.2 billion visits.

How much time do we spend on the site?

We spend 8.22 minutes /session on This shows we love watching porn and really have a lot of time on our hands as we are only 34 seconds behind the global average. But don't you worry, porn's not all that bad!

Do we take a break from watching porn?

Of course we do! We have our festivals. The study revealed that traffic on during Diwali drops by around 35%. But surprisingly, we spend our national holidays like Independence day and Republic Day watching porn as the traffic increases during these holidays.

Did you know we watch porn on selective days?

Yes, Saturday is our favorite as we spend our Sundays with our families. The study shows that consumer trends in India are different than those in US, UK and Germany, where more traffic is seen on Monday.

We like to watch porn on the go

According to the statistics, around 49% people watch porn on their mobile phones. The small screens don t deter us! We contribute to the third largest Android traffic of Pornhub, preceded by US and UK Android users. Only 47.5% people in India visit porn websites from their desktops.

We love our Wives and Bhabis

Indian wife and Indian bhabhi are the most searched terms on the site Majority traffic searching these terms belong to the north including Jammu and Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana.

Where s the major traffic from?

The North-eastern states spend longer on, followed by Rajasthan, Punjab and Delhi, giving more page views. People in Mizoram contribute to the average of 8.47 page views per visit, followed by Delhi, Meghalaya and Maharashtra.

Do our women watch porn?

Yes, we have successfully empowered our women. The study revealed, every fourth visitor on is a woman and the Indian average is 2 % more than the worldwide average. Another study found that women addicted to porn are actually hypersexual.

What do we like?

We like a lot of girl on girl action over some gay porn. Lesbian is the popular category that is searched over gay on the website. Homosexual content searchers accounted for only 2% of total search on the website, which is reportedly much larger than last year s report.

How many of these statistics did you contribute to?

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