Polio-stricken man completes 42 km Arabian Sea swimathon

Physically-challenged swimmer Prakash Nadar from Mumbai was given a hero's welcome after he successfully completed a gruelling 42-km long 18-hour long swimathon on Saturday in a bid to create a new Guinness world record. Nadar, 35, afflicted by polio in both legs, swam the stretch from Gateway of India to Rewas in Raigad, starting Friday noon and returning around 6 a.m. Saturday, his elder brother Raja Nadar said.

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The swimathon was smooth, barring some sea creatures biting him on the legs around 3 a.m. today. But he did not lose his cool and continued swimming to complete his 18-year-old dream, Raja told IANS.

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The Mumbai-Rewas-Mumbai swimathon in the Arabian Sea was the first-ever attempt by any swimmer. It is International Women's Day (March 8). So I dedicate my record-creating attempt to my mother, M. Balasundari, Nadar had told IANS before embarking on the swimathon.

Source: IANS

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