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Police Busts 30 Fake Hospitals Run By Quacks In Gurugram

Police Busts 30 Fake Hospitals Run By Quacks In Gurugram
Police Busts 30 fake Hospitals Run By Quacks In Gurugram

About 30 fake hospitals were busted by health department and police officials in Gurugram today.

Written by Kinkini Gupta |Updated : May 9, 2023 4:33 PM IST

The state health department and the flying squad from the Chief Minister's office was successful in busting almost 30 fake hospitals in Gurugram sector-28. According to police reports, they also arrested a quack who was involved in running the hospitals with all kind of medical equipment. This person who was faking to be a certified doctor had studies till standard 12 and was involved in conducting ultrasounds, treating patients, conducting sonography on pregnant women for illegal determination of the sex of unborn babies. The suspects name is Rajumal and police report say that he is form Himachal Pradesh.

The investigators who were following this story also stated that they found two equipment used to conduct an ultra-sound and an illegally procured kit used for termination of pregnancy with the suspect when he was arrested.

The Hospitals Had Medical Equipment

As per reports by investigators who looked into the matter, there are other hospitals as well which are being run by quacks. The quacks are conducting OPD services, carrying out intravenous injections, plasters, dressings and also deliveries. Some of these hospitals also were fully equipped with test equipment, labs, ICU medicines, emergency rooms, labor rooms and also an operation theatre. According to the health department officials, a huge number of oral and injectable medicines, medical and blood sample testing equipment, and blank letterheads of pathological laboratories were also seized from the spot. The police officials said that most of these hospitals where located in Palam Vihar, Bilaspur, Kherki Daula, Nathupur, Bajghera, Chakkarpur, Manesar, Dhankot Bhangrola, etc.

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The Haryana police reported that they conducted a raid in one of the eight-bedded hospitals among 30. They reportedly found many patients admitted for treatments for various ailments. The matter is currently being investigated and has been booked at Sector 53 Police Station.

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